I Have Become Cold.

My first love was great, but she showed me how women truely are. When we got into a fight she told me the truth. I have lost faith and now i know I can't never trust anybody like that again. I really would like too but now I know.
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Whatever she did must have been heartbreaking. Not all women are like that, I've been in a similar situation and it broke me for a while but now I am back and couldn't be better. Things will get better, just give it sometime :)

One person isn't the example of what everyone in their gender is like. Just take your time to heal and befriend women so you can learn to trust us again. :)

Not all women are the same don't be like that.. So sorry about your first love.

What is your favorite fruit. Let us say it is an apple. You buy a big beautiful bright red apple and cannot wait to bite into it. When taking your first big mouthful you bite into worms. The nasty, sour, vile taste spreads in your mouth. You puke. Would you stop eating apples because you cannot trust that they are not full of worms. Sorry to oversimplify. Hope you get my point.
The good news is that you will get over this. The bad news is that the choice is all up to you. Is this woman really worth you coloring all women with her brush. Strongs.

Dude i have to say, that is only the way of one woman, not the rest of us. Isn't there a story of a girl goes all guys are the same and the guy gets mad because that girl has no idea? Well its the same concept here. I promise you, one day you will see a new world and how special a womans given heart can really be. Also going for the type of girl who is very materialist will not get you far. Going for the right one will be the happiness you deserve. Hang in there buddy

Then you sir. Have been mindfuc,ked by a woman. It happens to the best of us, so don't let it discourage you now! Life can be quite long from what I've gathered..... it's actually easy to move on, just focus your own prioritys and not past tense prioritys.. or wollow in a downward spiraling void of confused self-worth and unnecessary strife. As they say "to each his own"..

Im sorry it happens but its what makes us stronger....