A Thin Line

A few years ago, I met a guy. He was in the same class as me and my best friend. At first, we didn't get along; I remember I always called him names. But, we still had the same group of friends.

The start of the school year passed quickly, and near the beginning of the second term, my best friend told me that she thought that she liked that guy. The first thing I felt was surprise; I didn't think that they knew each other that well. However, she looked very much in love with him. Of course, since she was my best friend, I wanted them to get together.

A few months passed, and suddenly, I found myself in a dance class with that guy. We were partnered up and had to stay like that for weeks because we were around the same height. Slowly, we got along better, and I started to enjoy his company.

However, a couple months later, during a school performance, another guy in my class asked if that guy was in love with someone (because he was actually pretty popular).

He said yes. It was my best friend.

I remember I smiled at my friend and said congrats. But when I got home, for some unknown reason, I felt tears on my face. I didn't know if I was crying because I thought I would lose my best friend, or because I actually fell in love with this guy.

Before I had a chance to sort out my feelings, my best friend told me that she was going to transfer to another school. And then, that guy also told me that he was going to transfer to another school (no, it wasn't the same school).

I don't remember what it feels like to fall in love. To this day, I'm still not sure of what I felt the day he confessed... but as they say, "it's a thin line between love and hate".
awkotaco123 awkotaco123
13-15, F
Dec 16, 2012