Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I'm gonna start out by making it clear that I'm not gonna start naming names. It all started last year in seventh grade. This girl had just moved in from DC. I really didn't pay much attention to her cause I had no reason to. This is one of them stories that the saying, "you don't know what you've got till it's gone" comes into play. So any way she moves in, kinda shy at first, but hey ain't we all? I get friendly with this chick and soon we start walking to music class together, casually like two friends, cause that's what we were. I end up bumping into her in Perkins (I never saw her but she said she saw me) and she made a huge deal out of it. "OMG! I saw you at Perkins on Saturday!!" she would say to me. I learned a tad too late that girls give signs when they like you, so sign one check. She made every excuse in the book to talk to me. By mid-October music cycle ended, and we were off to Tech Ed. I liked this other girl at the time and that girl and the one that liked me are friends. The girl that I liked would come up to me a say "hey Mike guess who likes you?" and the girl that liked me would come up and drag the girl I liked away. My lust for the one girl started waning during what I like to call, "the box incident." It was a Friday near Christmas and we were making these eight sided box, diamond things. I was hanging out with the girl I liked and we were making them boxes. When we finished we were supposed to glue them with the hot glue gun. I, being completely useless with a HGG (last time I glued my hand to the table) had the girl I liked glue it for me. She went over to the gluing table and the girl I liked said to the one that liked me, "hey this ones Mikes, you wanna glue it?". To this day, I have never heard anyone squeal louder then when the girl that liked me did. From now on I will refer to the girl a liked as G1 and the girls that like me as G2. So G2 squeals loudly. Then she comes skipping over to me saying, "hope you like it Mike". Now if you knew me, I always need to make a sarcastic comment or say something that will make people say, "did he really just say that?". So I says to G2, "what kind of a lousy job is this? Do it over again!", she just looked at me like I'd grown three heads. I couldn't hold back the laughter, but she still stood frozen. "Calm down dude it's all right I love it!" after I said that her face turned red, giggled then skipped away again. Sign two check. I once read that when girls like you they try to touch you right? So we're in health class, I'm chilling with my buddy Izzy and Matt. We get put in a group to do a project on breast cancer. G2 gets put in the group too. So were working on the project and she starts asking me about braces. Izzy and Matt are telling her how painful and annoying they are,(which is true) but I can see she's getting all worked up and nervous. So I says "cool it dudes, lemme tell her the not so bad stuff about these braces" so I tell her the not so bad stuff, and after about five minutes I realize she's rubbing my hand. I was shocked. I just looked at her and she smiled. When we were presenting she made sure to squeeze in next to me and she started holding my hand. Sign three and four. So you'd think at this point I'd ask he broad out right? Well this is what happens when you're stupid, you end up writing about what could've been instead of enjoying the real thing. Any Christmas break comes and my mind goes into hibernation, I don't think. Well maybe a little less than usual. The week and a half goes by and were back in school. Another week goes by and I randomly said. "were the hell is Sarah?". "she's in Columbia" I was told. Okay whatev's. I didn't know she was Canadian. Where shes from is not important, it's what happens that second week she's gone. I started getting this empty feeling. What could it be? I pondered it for three days until I realized what was missing. Sarah. I realized I actually missed her. When she came back I didn't know what to do. I gave her a wave but I knew I shoulda gave her a hug or something. When we were walking to health like we did every day she starts telling me about Columbia. She said she loved it there. Then my friend Mike comes out of bloody nowhere and says "then why didn't you stay?". WTF!? "what did you say Mike?" she asked, me too but in my head. Mike then said "we didn't miss you! You should have stayed!". I had stopped to tie my shoe in front of the health room. Sarah asks me "did you miss me?". Oh crap! Stuck between a rock and a hard place. I looked between my closest friend and my new crush. At that time I was very insecure about friends, I didn't have many. Now a days I would have chose Sarah any day. "uhh let me get up first". Can you believe me? Thats the first f***ing thing I think of. Jesus! Any way I hate thinking back on this day because of the aftermath but I said something like in the middle and she got pissed off. Strike one. For spring pictures she asked me how she looked and stupid me and my David Spade like comments, I said she should look in a mirror and she'd find out. Strike two. That kid Mike I mentioned earlier threw a paper clip at her and she gave me the paper clip to throw back at him. I hid it in my pocket and ended up losing it. Strike Three Yer Out! I ended up finding that damn thing later that day, I was so pissed. So as the months went by, our relationship drifted farther and farther apart. The tides and turned as it was now I how liked her. She hasn't talked to me since last march and boy do I miss the walks to health class. As I reflect on my dumbassticness I realize it was all said up for me. All I needed to say was six simple words..."will you got out with me?" and I would have a girlfriend and a great friend. I would do anything for a second chance. I have done nice things for her and she has thanked me. But I have a sick feeling that I'm being friendzoned, and that's the worst possible position. If any of you have any advice, reply to this story or email me at Tha KS for listening to me ramble on about my miserable life, but it feels good to get this **** off my chest. And Sarah, if you are reading this, sorry for everything, now hopefully you know the truth about me.
wildmike1998 wildmike1998
18-21, M
Jan 5, 2013