The Spazzy And Quirky Tale Of Space's Almost Love Confession~

During my senior year i was forced to take this freshmen science class because (LOLMandatory) and There i saw the most beautiful girl in the world...Okay i'm exaggerating ALOT ,looking back honestly she was rather plain but that's what really grabbed me ,she was an individual among the rest of the gals who had half their ***** hanging out ,half their head shaved or heavy make up. Low and behold i find one that actually likes to learn and dresses like she lives on the planet earth!
A normal person would have started a conversation but me? Oh no~ I'm socially retarded(Ha ha!) so instead i'd position myself like 3 rows behind in the right wall corner girl so i could sketch her without anyone noticing me looking at her and drawing at the same time. I planned on one day making one good enough and putting it in her notebook along with my phone number with the line "From your secret admirer" like someone who had done the same to me before, But i ended up skipping a class by jumping off the school gate and bruising all the bones in my feet before i could get good enough to give it to her before christmas. So then i went into full on creeper mode ,I found an app that allows you to take photos secretly so i had her as my wallpaper for a month because i found this rumor online if you have your crush as your wallpaper for at least a month without finding out they'll be yours......Didn't work derp. So i learned her class scedule, i'd secretly follow her around school to find out when and what class she had so i could ask her out to coffee or whatever some time. I eventually got enough balls to do it one day. I walked up to her ,tapped her shoulder, she turned around ,our eyes met and I ran the **** out of there, and i'm not just talking "Oops my mistake sorry" kind of running i full on tapped the speed force ,and booked it out of the school like i stole something ,laughing my *** off as i walked home. I'm actually pretty proud of myself, i almost had the balls to ask someone out. Almost baby! Almost!

Aw **** i just realized....I never even learned her name...
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Lol read again :p

For some reason I'm always reading this story (O.o) Oh well! (^.^)

o: lolwut

Sounds like me and the girl of my dreams in high school. I finally ended up writing to her after we graduated, as it was easier than face to face. But it wasn't like what I hoped for, of course. Actually, what helped me was drawing her. I found a yearbook and spent a week carefully working on a sketch of her face. When I'd finally completed it, I slowly woke to the fact that my crush had worn off. Maybe it was a catharsis, I don't know, but I was relieved to not be constantly thinking of her anymore.

I saw a recent photo of her after like 30 years, and boy, did she get goofy looking! So that was a big help, too. :)

aww what a cute story :) Hope you finally get the balls to ask her out XD

I didn't this happened last year lol

*face palms and then burst out laughing* You did better than me I hope next time you atleast find out her name Lol XD

If only~ :3

Lol I'm sure you will! XD or at least this time it will go a lot better :).................I think O.o