I met jose two years ago this july. We had a friends with benefits relationship, but I started to fall in love. He is so physically beautiful and  he makes me feel like I am so special. He does not want to be more with me even though he told me he loves me too, but I love him so much,its like he has become part of me. I am trying to stop but it is not easy. how do I stop?
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Excellent advice!

stop being available to him ... seriously ... that will cause him to sit back and think how much you truly mean to him. it could be that he has yet to realize his feelings for you - this happens ... ever heard of "don't know what ya got til it's gone" ???<br />
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when you do OCCASIONALLY make yourself available (about 25% of the time he calls to make time with you) do NOT and i repeat do NOT have sex with him. tease him a bit but do NOT have sex!<br />
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this will put the ball in his court. in the meantime get a hobby, workout, clean, do things you've been meaning to for years but never have got around to - focus all that nervous and painful energy into anything but him. when he creeps into your mind, force him out with other thoughts. eventually, if he hasn't responded to you playing 'hard to get', he will creep into your mind less and less, the tears will dry up and you will have move forward knowing some new 'what not to do's' ...<br />
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time and distance do not necessarily heal all wounds but they do make it easier to get through ... at least it did for me.<br />
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my best to you.