My Story To You: A Letter I Wish I Could Send

I met a guy through sports. We started talking all the time and he told me that he may like me. The only problem was he never saw the real me, he only saw what he wanted to. But with him, he was like a book; so easy to read. And every page I would read I fell more in love with me! At the time I thought it was real love but I know now it wasn't but nevertheless it was love. When he finally kissed me it was like electricity going through my whole body. It was amazing and I wish it would never end. Our relationship was getting real fast and it made me more and more self conscious. I was waiting for him to look at me and with his eyes tell me everything would be okay, but that never happened I felt bad because I wasn't being honest with him; yes I loved him but I knew he didn't love me and that he didn't even know who I really was. I was holding him back... I told him that I lost all feelings for him. After that he jumped from girl to girl and finally one stuck. I was over him but I would always love him. Love doesn't just disappear. I saw them in the hallway, like I have before but this time it was different I was frozen! I couldn't move nor could I breath. I was just standing there looking at them, I wasn't jealous or mad; I was sad. I was sad because the look I so desperately longed for was staring into someone else's eyes. In that moment I knew he loved her more than any other girl he dated or liked. I knew because that's the way I looked at him. But he never saw it because my behavior was always misleading. Their love is a little rough around the edges but time would smooth it all out to make their own version of perfection.
CollegeGirl1994 CollegeGirl1994
Jan 9, 2013