Girl In Class..

well it is about a girl in my class. she was not a beauty but had a kind heart. i fell in love with her just in a second. i felt her heart. it was warm. but she only showed her cold side to me. no matter what i did she refused to even talk to me. that only left scars in my heart and arms.
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aww don't worry dear u 'll find much better girl than her who will accept u as u r and respect ur love

Thanks and I already did find her

Dont hurt yourself for it. Try to show as much care as you can, if she doesnt care than its her loss

I am over her now. Don't worry

Cause i know there better people out there

I guess.

Cutting isn't good. But, to me, it brings this unexplainable feeling that makes everything feel... hmmm, what's the word.... good? Idk but I'm trying to stop. Its just hard to do so...

I\'m really sorry that you had to go through that

I am so sorry for everyone who commented here about their cutting. I hope you can all learn to cope with it in a better way.

I ma sorry that this happened to you. I too have cut but only once, I managed to fight off the urge to do it again. However somethings when it seems like your world is crumbling and the pressure just builds its hard to not cut. I hope you are getting better. Are you still cutting??

i cut myself too

that is not good

no , it s not , but it s uncontrolled when the grief s deep

I used to cut. What I do to prevent it from happening again is that I don't allow myself to have sharp objects in my house. If I bring a sharp object in my home and feel like cutting, I pray about it and throw away the object outside my home. I feel better afterwards.

well , it s a smart idea , but for me i just wanna hurt myself with anythg
it doesn't ve to be sharp

That's not good.
You should get some help with your problems. I do, and there's nothing wrong with getting help.

the psychatrists n egypt sucks , all they no is filling me with pills

Really? Sorry to hear that in egypt people don't help you.

u , help me :)

I have? How?

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I'm sorry to hear that....

i am okay i took it as experience :)

I'm glad to know you're okay.

Scars on your arms? I hope you aren't harming yourself over a girl. EVERYONE gets rejected, usually MULTIPLE times in life. If you harm yourself every time, then what? Move on. And just so you know, statistically speaking, teen relationships usually don't work out. They more often than not end in a break-up. Your brain isn't even done forming yet, for crying out loud. You have the rest of your life to find love so go easy on yourself and don't take the rejection personally.

it is not rejection alone. a lot happened in life so only i cut.

Then you need to see a therapist. Cutting isn't going to fix your issues. You need to stop wallowing in despair. Snap out of it and get a new perspective. I know someone who went through some of the worst things a kid could go through, downright detestable things, and she struggled for years and talked about it with trustworthy people (a favorite teacher and guidance counselor) and she got through it. She is now at a great college and finally feeling some joy. You will too, but you need to make an effort. It isn't easy, but there are better times ahead if you shed these burdens you are carrying around with you all the time. Life gets better. Believe me.

Yay cazzamom, way to not be judgemental!

Your just like me :(