I'm still trying to get over him...I'm in a relationship right now and the thought of my ex still hurts me! Its been 3 months or so. He was my first boyfriend, sex partner, love, kiss and unfortunately he was my first heart break......he was also the first person to use me. I was very angry and depressed with how i was treated. I am no longer depressed but still angry and disappointed that i still let him control my thoughts......I can't seem to get him off my mind! 3 I love the guy I'm with now and for some reason even he can't get my ex off my matter how hard he tries. I lived with my ex for 8 months and he kicked me out on the street and told me i was nothing and will always be nothing......i hope i forget him someday cause its kinda ruining my life........
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

3 months is nothing if you were in love to get over someone. I don't think you should have got into another relationship untill you have purged the last one. It is not really fair to the present person you are with. I sure would not want to be a rebound guy and it is one of the first things I try to figure out in the begining of a relationship.