He was everything to me . He was my best friend . He said he was my brother . He made a promise that day that he would choose no girl over me. I believed his lies. He got a girl and she cheats on him . I tell him he says i am lieing . She gets mad because I told him and then she is no longer my BEST FRIEND. I lose her. I lose him. He finds out the truth . But denies it to him self and go asks her to forgive him for being mad at her. And then there I am waiting for my apology that will never come. The apology is because he didn't believe me and chose his girl friend over me. I love him more than my own life. She has him and she cheats on him. That is wat gets me mad that she just plays around with him . He is everything I want but can't have . And yet she gets to have him so she can just play with his emotions it isn't fair. But no body said it ever was .
Diary01 Diary01
13-15, F
Jan 14, 2013