Dangerously In Love With My Brother's Girlfriend

You may call this infatuation or obsession or even both, but I think I'm so in love with this woman. I've only known her for a couple of months but she's really growing on me. You see I've just moved in with my brother and his girlfriend. And when I first saw her, she was absolutely amazing. Her body was perfect and she was beyond gorgeous. I mean I was instantly physically attracted.

Well in my first few weeks of getting here she treated me like her own son. Bought me food, clothes, things I needed. And we've also gotten closer because she often tells me about her problems with my brother. She knows he is cheating on her from a message in his phone and they frequently argue. I would like them to stay together because she says she is in love with him and she really cries about it when we are talking. So now here is a real love triangle. And I have fallen for her because I sort of feel what she is going through. I have been through the unrequited love thing before and it is devastating. When we are talking or taking a ride in the car, she tells me about her life and what she wants for her son and I think its beautiful. I'm young but I understand her and she knows I do as well. I think she really needs a man to love her truly. I think my brother loves het and I'm not making an effort to break them up. But you can see what effect she is having on both of us.

I really don't know why. But I think she is a phenomenal strong woman that only wants the best. I'm even writing poems about her. It's so weird. And I want to tell her how I feel. But I think its top early. In time my feelings might wear off. But of they don't I know its real then.
Dporfann Dporfann
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Consider hard, think about your relationship with ur brother. Is it worth to break his trust even she's worthy?