He Loved Me And Left Me

I met this guy, his name's Joseph, and I met him through one of my other friends. As I was talking to him, he told me he liked me and I blew him off for the longest time. One day I was really upset, so I asked him for his help, and I think that was when I started to like him. He acted like he really, truly cared and put thought into his responses to my issues. So it grew from there. Before I knew it we were telling each other that we loved each other. We wanted to date, but my mom hates him(long story) and so therefore it would have been difficult if not impossible to be together. We had everything in common, he really is a male version of me and we could talk for hours. He told me he would wait. Well, about a week later, he tells me he's going on a date with this girl. Of course it was kind of upsetting to me to hear about this, but I didn't say anything, I only told him I was happy for him..... but then he ended up dating the girl. They're still together, they have been together for almost 5 months now(I think). It really bothers me, how she replaced me. She really is not very pretty in all honesty. She's overweight and has an...average face. It makes me feel really bad about myself. I can't get over him. After a while of being treated like he really had no interest in talking to me...I stopped texting him completely. We no longer talk, but he's still on my mind a lot. I really want to talk to him, I had become dependent on his friendship and support even though it's nothing more than that anymore... But when I do talk to him I get really depressed, he is on my mind CONSTANTLY and it's like I never made any progress at all. It's really irritating and confusing.
iwillalwaysrefusetosink iwillalwaysrefusetosink
13-15, F
Jan 15, 2013