He Didnt Love Me

at first we were just friends for 6mounth after that he told me he loved me i liked him too so i was dependent on him for 1mounth after that he didnt answer my messages my calls and 1 day he told me he is with someone else :'( its been a year and i still love him
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

It is sO bad :/ I know he likes yOu, but yOu shOuld forgot him :(

:| parisa shut up -_-

I told a girl that I was friends with on Facebook that I loved her and that I wish that I didn't have to drop out of college so that I could have had a chance with her and then she stopped answering my messages. I kept on sending her messages for months hoping that she would turn around but she never did and eventually I just couldn't take the way she was treating me and so I finally unfriended her on Facebook but honestly I think I'll love her until the day I die.

its very bad i know what youre saying it happend to me too

Do you want to be friends on Experience Project? I'm new to the site and still don't know exactly how everything works.

yep me too