And So I Have To Walk Alone

My girl .. To whom i fell in love on first sight .. Is with someone else.. She is never tried to understand me.. Its time for our school's prom.. When all my friends will walk away.. School life is going to end.. I went to class where she was sitting all alone. I hesitated for a while then couldn't resist myself and approached her asking what happened.. She was sad. She was likely to cry. And her face was looking so innocent that i couldn't control myself to help her out.
She told me that she had a boyfriend and from few days they are not talking. It was so hard for me to accpet that she moved on but i couldnt. I kept on thinking just a year ago we were a couple. But i cant watch her crying. I cant see her tears.. I kept my silence and patiently listened her sorrow.. When she was done.. I insisted her to forget all and ask her boyfriend to go out somewhere so they may sort out everything.. It was like a thousand stroke on my heart from hammer.. But well i guess that is only being in love..
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Jan 23, 2013