I once was in a passionate crazy stupid teenage puppy love. And I was once loved back. The time we spent was comfortable and the kisses we shared magical. My first kiss on a lovely snowy day. My last just before parting for summer. And every kiss in between running through my head because each was in it own way exquisitly refreshing leaving me star struck. It didn't end because I couldn't commit. Not because he was ready while I was not. It wasn't even the fact that I was dangerously smitten with the much older guitar playing actor senior boy. It ended because... I don't really have an answer. Maybe he loved me to much. Maybe it's because of my past abuse. Maybe its because it just wasn't meant to be. But in the end he found a girl slightly older than I. A girl who's full lips and big slanted eyes match mine. Who's skin tone is equivalent to mine. Who's dark brown curls were dyed red shortly after my own. Her breasts might not be as big but she makes up for with a curvasious body and perky butt like me. He found another me. A better me. One who coul open up her heart and give him the intamicy and reassurance I could not. I wish I could hate her but I can't. When she says hello I reply. If I'm eating my favorite chocolate I share because it's her favorite too. But I wish once, just one, I could let her know how much it hurts to speak to her. To know that he's with her, kissing her, inside of her. That it hurts to know i'll never have back that day where it was just us two. Happy. Blissfully and utterly happy. Or so I thought.
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Wow,I can't imagine that granite you can't find another me but.... That's not always a good thing but just remember,it's your life so you go whichever path seems the clearest