He Left Me Unexpectedly

We met online he was first a friend and quickly became my sweetest pleasure. He made me feel things I had not felt in years, things I thought I was incapable of feeling again. We spoke daily and were in communion as much as we could, traveling and speaking for hours long distance. I fell in love. He was not the richest, or the most handsome I had ever seen but he was defintely the cutest, most sweetest loving human being I had come across in a very long time. I saw a future of us together as a family with children of our own and then he asked me to marry him. I could not think of a better thing to do with my life than to spend it with him so I said YES.

He moved in with me last September we planned to marry next July however things have dramatically changed. I am no longer the apple of his eye and he has developed other relationships with women all over the world online. I feel like an outsider in his world and my heart is now broken. He is away on business now and when he returns we may part ways if we cannot become friends again.

Looking back I am not sure what happened I tried my best but somehow it wasn't good enough. I am sooooo blue I wish there was someway to get through this quicker. My friends say I am a bombshell, gorgeous, and sexy however I do not want anyone but him. I hope he returns his love to me again but I am not sure he wants to anymore and this hurts soooo badly.



JessiLuv JessiLuv
31-35, F
May 25, 2007