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I find this subject difficult to talk about because I have 2 instances where I have loved someone and they didn't love my back the other one is a little more complicated but this one takes me back a few years its funny even though I am in a relationship and have been for the past 4 years and have a 2 year when I think about this guy that never loved me back I still get butterflies. I met this guy (by the way I'm not naming names) through another friend, we all used to hang around, drinking at the weekends you know just chat be silly watch films get drunk play fight .  I fell for him pretty much straight away he was cute had such a sexy smile just a genuine guy. I tried so hard to hide my feelings but i wasn't very good he had a girlfriend who was really nice and we were friends which really didn't help my problem I know sometimes which is making me blush now but when he was telling a story or something I use to stare at him and my imagination would just go wild with what I wanted to do to him. But it just wasn't meant to be. I actually wrote a poem about him cause i had no other way of telling how I felt It hurt so bad I couldn't just say. "I love you" I wish i had just shared a kiss with him A proper kiss but again wasn't meant to be I had a choice one night about 4 years ago he had turned up with another friend my choice was to either stay and catch up with them for a drink or go on a date with another guy I had just recently met I chose the latter I went for a drink with the guy I had recently met which turns out to be my partner now my reasoning for that choice was he would never see me as anything other than his friend I couldn't bare the thought of him turning round and saying no I don't love you back. I will always hold him very close to me x
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Cheers for being loved back. There has only been one person that said she didn't love me back. I think she is very happy now. Good for her. Somethings just aren't meant to be. But I still think she was lying...