So Unobtainable Its Not Funny

someone told me in the next life you get to be with the people you truely loved in this life.

i have fallen in love with someone much younger than me. 10 years younger.  a teenager. hes how bad is that? I used to think people like me were sick. now i understand that love has no respect for age, race, religion. it seems to cross all those barriers. The big problem is he flirts with me and has made it very clear he finds me attractive. We talk and flirt online. We have this amazing connection.I think about him all the time. There is no way this can ever work.

And im married. This kills.


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3 Responses Dec 28, 2006

I'd love to know what the result was..

I assume you're 26- if he's 16 (you're saying that he's 10 years younger right?) <br />
I understand this is really hard for you, but you're married and this isn't fair to your husband :( I do agree that love has no age- but as you wrote yourself ''it can't work''... I hope you find a solution to this- the most obvious choice would be to ONLY stay friends with the boy- and work on your marriage<br />
<br />
*good luck* oxo

so how old are you and are you a male or female? cant tell by your name. its hard to comment when unsure of how much age difference there is