Need Help Urgently

theres this girl i started to like since the beginning of school... at first we were just friends until not long i realised i like her i stupidly told her i like her. she didn't say anything or gave me a rdirect answer and we spent the night just talking about other things.. but soon she started to go cold turkey in a week... and it stayed there... she never avoided me but neither did she approach me...that broke my heart. we barely talked and i became more emo... more desperate. now five months gone, i still feel the same and im always the one talking to her but not the other way round...and i keep envying my best friend who has a two way crush on her twin sister who is close with my crush as he tells me how he helped them and i listened. Help! Im supposed to be trying to forget her and now i'm beginning to grow jealous and wish i was the one close to my crush instead of him... as much as i want to trust him to wait for a few months, i dont know whether he is doing things in my back... or is this my paranoia? i really dunno! help!

woodennature woodennature
18-21, M
May 27, 2007