I Told Him.

On Friday, I told the only one I ever truly felt anything for that I liked him. He would have told me that he liked me back and that he did like me for over a year...

....If this world was one of fantasies. The kind where the charming prince breaks the witch's evil spell and our tragic heroine is transformed from an ulgy toad with no self-esteem into a beautiful princess, and then ride off towards the sunset on a well-groomed white Arabian horse.

Instead, he simply told me that he had a girlfirend (This I knew; she's 13 and he's 15. She doesn't deserve him. He's too sweet. Then again, I don't deserve him, either.) and that I "wouldn't be happy with him", which, personally, I think was a lie. I think (know) he doesn't feel for me because I don't exactly have the perfect body. Or the perfect looks.

Perhaps I am but a fool who falls for someone too easily...

MoonlightShadow MoonlightShadow
18-21, F
May 27, 2007