I Left Him

 As much as he shouted that he loved me, and that if I ever tried to push him away or give him the "dear john" letter, or the breaking up speech, he claimed he would laugh bc it would not be over.  Yet, Saturday, he couldn't return my phone call.  Being long distance and all, and with his circumstances, he knows I worry when he doesn't return my call.  Not to mention I got him a cellphone and added him to my plan bc well we were married. (still are married).  

And for all the stress and hell for the past month, and everything like that, he knows that all i asked for was communication.  I never asked him to call me 24/7 or anything like that, just asked him to communicate with me and let me know he's ok.  

I had texted him good night the night before and i got nothing back.  Then finally by 4 in the afternoon the next day and still no reply to a text or a voice mail message, I check the phone records and see he was texting his ex wife ALL night, but couldn't text me goodnight?  Well maybe this one situation seems like something one can patch up, but this is now months of problems and worry.  

I did so much for him.  And all the things he would say I never saw him put those into actions.  I finally snapped with this past weekend.  I sent him a dear john letter in snail mail.  If he had not done anything wrong and such, he would have called back by now.  So far nothing.  Yes I suspended his phone but he has tons of other ways to call...including his house phone that has unlimited long distance.  I am not paying for him to talk to his ex all night and ignore me.  

He just told me on friday that I was his soulmate and blah blah.  Yet, he could care less now.  

Since we have only been married for 3 months I will get an annulment.  Even though, technically I am the one who broke it off, I felt like he left me.  

Part of me felt guilty for a few days because I felt relief.  I felt less stressed, I don't have to worry anymore.  I don't have to deal with his mom calling, or his dad calling to say he went to jail, or some other crisis, or any of the drama.  i am free of that.  

Yes i wanted to help him raise those little girls he has, and I miss them.  And yes I did make that commitment but I don't feel like he kept his.  And was it soo wrong for his wife to want to know he is doing ok?  To get one txt or phone call back???  lol, i didn't think that was soooo much to ask for.  

his mom called me several times and i talked to her yesterday and today she won't return my calls and that just reminds me that i made the right choice.  i am so tired of figuring out who told the truth or who was lying.  There was so much deceit going around over there.  

And now I don't have to deal with it.  I just need to file the annulment.  

I will never deal with such a situation ever again.  I will make sure the next person I am with is not filled with drama like this.  Someone who will prioritize me and want to be with me and want to communicate with me.  And i am not letting this experience ruin my faith in true love.  One day I will be happily married to the right man.  


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1 Response Aug 27, 2008

I completely agree. I felt a bit guilty but...I feel so free and happy now. A ton of stress bricks off my shoulders.