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You Know They Don't Love You Back When...

Symptoms of Lovesickness

One Broken Heart

Too Many Unwiped Tears

That E  m  p  t  y Feeling

Pain. Lots and lots and lots and lots of pain. So deep it cuts into your very being. Leaving scars that will last long after the pain.

When more time is spent on the person you love than you would ever spend on yourself. Even if they would never give you the same sacrifice, and couldn't care less what your time is spent on.

No matter what you will always believe there is hope. And you despise yourself for it.

When your Heart has been ripped out, and ignored, yet still can't let go.

When you would do anything for your love... Even if it means that you can't love them.

When you try to find new ways to hate them. Becuase then at least it wouldn't hurt so much.

When everything is out of your control.

When you can't say why you love them, and to you that's the strongest love anyone can ever have.

When you realize that you can never, ever have them...again...

When you have finally hit the lowest low. And no one can bring you up, and anyone who can will never be there.

When you care so much about the person you forget about everything else completely, even your health and wellbeing.

When you sit and write something like this crying to yourself, and wondering why you are so pathetic.

When you can't sleep at night becuase when you close your eyes, they are standing there to remind you that you are alone.

When you feel all these feelings, but are too afraid to tell them, becuase you're scared they might not care. And the truth is they probably won't.

When you feel their presence everywhere. But you don't want to because it's just another reminder of how far away they really are.

When the pain is so great, you feel that giving up altogether is th only choice, when really you have so much to live for.

When they have told you that they don't love you. And you would do anything to say those same words...and mean it.

But the only words that you can say are:

I love you, and no matter what happens I will still love you and I still think of you all the time. I know it means nothing to you, but you mean everything to me.

Please if anyone ever falls in love with you and feels this strongly. Don't shrug it off like it is nothing, I'm not asking you to love them back, I'm just asking you to care.

And if anyone ever falls in love with someone this strongly and they don't love you the same way, hold on to every last bit of sanity you have. Don't let it completely ruin who you are. You are a wonderful person and can pull through. You will have some very rough times. But, it will get better...

I hope. At least that's what I've been told.

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Very well put. Thanks for helping find the words for me. It is never easy when a relationship ends; it always seems that the "other" person can move on too quickly for us, causing even more heartache. How much could we have meant to one another if I have just started grieving and she has already moved on?

I cried when I read this

It takes the pain to know what's good though.


This Boy Should be a Writer. I am in Love with Someone I can never have. She is my Breast Surgeon. I had a lumpectomy and while I was half in the Bag with Anesthesia, I reached out and put my Hand on Her Face. And, She let me do this. But, then She bolted from the room. I was Mortified!!! We have flirted alot. But She was just having fun and playing games, while I was taking it seriously and starting to delude myself into thinking once I left there She would miss me, and have to call and see me...right?? She doesn't even return my calls now. This is absolutely the worst pain ever. It feels like I will NEVER get over this!! I can't eat. I can't sleep. My Heart Aches so bad, I feel like I might need open Heart Surgery. And, my stomache is tied up in knots so much that they'll never come out. I have an upcoming Mastectomy and Axillary Dissection. I should be thinking of my surgery, but instead, I'm thinking about her. Last time she looked around the curtain and when she saw I had not been knocked out yet, she ran back behind the curtain. So, I now face Major Surgery, amidst all of this emotional turmoil. THIS REALLY STINKS!!!

youre taking the right steps. amazing writing, keep pushing.

Wow. That's me right now.

43 years old and feeling like I did when I was 20 years younger. I have gone from the highest highs to seeking professional help and am on medication and getting counselling for my mood.

And all I need is her back in my life! Which will never happen.

The email never comes, phone never rings, texts never appear.

I never get the message. Every song on the radio says something about the relationship.

I got it bad still........................

Father God please help this person to heal naturally and spiritually... I ask in Jesus' name.

wow!!! Thanks for sharing this!!

Sometimes its best to pretend not to care, even if you do because if u show you care in a way you're just joggling that person's feelings and making them feel like they have a chance. They need to move on and know that it ain't gonna happen, they need to go and grow.

"When you try to find new ways to hate them. Becuase then at least it wouldn't hurt so much."

I wish I could just hate him or not care and then it wouldn't hurt me when he would rather sit on a dumb computer game than spend time with me. Oh he says he loves me but his actions speak louder than his words. If only he would say instead that he hated me and it was over and then I could accept it and give up trying and move on with my life. But every time I think I've reached the point where I am over it and I won't allow myself to love him with no love in return he tells me that he loves me and begs me to stay and my defences crumble and I fall right back down to where I was before thinking "it will be different this time" and then it isn't and I scold myself for being so foolish. I'm too smart to act so stupid. But it is that little shred of hope that keeps me hanging :( Why do people hurt the ones they love?

I was too smart to act so dumb... my sentiments exactly.

Im baffled, I can't even really figure out what to say. I have a heart condition and I almost feel faint because my heart just kept rapidly accelerating the more I read. I've read other peoples comments on how amazing of a writer they think you are and they're telling the truth. I hope you know how moving this piece of writing is, I mean I had to lay down so that's gotta say something. But in all seriousness, reading this has brought out some feelings that I guess ive never wanted to confront, but now I can't help it. Thank you so very much for sharing this, I'm really so happy to have stumbled upon this, and don't ever stop writing! I'm also very sorry that you have to endure this pain too, I know it's devastating, but you seem to have a beautiful outlook on your situation and I know that if you just keep that positive aspect about you that you'll be damn near invincible one day ;]

so im not the only one who feels like this..good to know im not completely alone

When I know I have to stop going back to him every time he changes his mind, because even though it feels so good to be wanted, I know he'll never love me back or care about me the way I care about him. When I realize I have to do what's right for me for once, even if it rips me apart...

Someone who really loves you will love you UNCONDITIONALLY

Did you get better now?

That was an amazing piece of prose. I'm totally floored by it. Thank you for sharing this. It really touched me.

Wow. I cant even begin to say just how much this has touched. This was written a while ago, and am interested to know, if it got better for you.

I know how that feels..


I wish I could bookmark this

Thank you for putting my feelings into words.

:) thanks for expressing these feelings..

This is an awful feeling i hate it :/ wish we could have control over the people we fall for

This is an old post but it is so true!!!

I would add to this list when you work with someone and every day you see them you fall in love all over again and then when you go home in the evening you get a little better and start to get over it... and then you go to work the next day and see them and you fall in love all over again (repeat to infinity)

And every day it kills you a little bit more

Your comment has given me hope... I can't imagine your suffering. Fear is torment according to the bible. Your situation is screaming torment.

We just want you to care.....even though we know you don't and will never want to again.....and yet our love remains inevitable.....

im in love and reading this is almost relating alot! sometimes i think that death would be more better than dealing with a broken heart! i know what love is and it hurts so bad...fml

how many comments are there??!! lol amazing story! x

Been there t hurts greatly Even worse if they LIE and stay they love you back but it's just emotionally manipulate you. Now my vast love that I had is turned to HATE and wish the person who hurt me so much over the years to fall off a cliff. Think i never loved them I did thats probably why I hate that person so strongly now. Go though hell and come out alive and you'll know how I feel.

I understand this 100% as I am going through the stages at the moment, but she didn't care and shrugged off the relationship and my love like it was nothing more than a piece of dirt and it hurts more than any physical pain I have been through. I know I will never fully get over this pain and the love I have for her, I tried hating her for throwing away my love and feelings so easily but I can't.

THis was good.....Food for my mind...

I wrote this story at one of the hardest points in my life. I am now so incredibly overwhelmed by the love and support and sharing by everyone in this group. It has been 6 and a half years since I posted this and I can say from personal experience that

It does truly get better.

I found that the there were things that I could do to help with the suffering and the pain.

Here are my Remedies for a Broken Heart.

Get it out there.

Get it all out.

Scream and cry and moan and yell. Let yourselves grieve. Bottling up these emotions inside is incredibly detrimental to one's psyche and health. You need to own these feelings and treat them as important. Because, in most cases the other person will not. Sometimes it feels wonderful just to tell someone (sometimes it's the one you have feelings for and sometimes it's your favorite teddy bear). It can feel as if a weight is lifted off your chest. That's partly how I felt when I wrote this story and I'm now feeling things above and beyond that with the fantastic response to this post over the years.

Do you feel that E m p t y feeling? Fill it.

Find something that you can involve yourself with and that helps create goals in your life. Paint a picture, write a poem, sing a song, pick up a sport or hobby, join a club! Having something to look forward to that you can do by yourself or with people who love you is so important to the healing process. Especially if you are meeting new people in the process. This can help you focus on other things, and you might even meet someone who really appreciates you.

One of the hardest things about loving someone who doesn't love you back is the feelings of inadequacy. Why am I not good enough?...

Writing those words brings me straight back to those times. This is the part of the story that still burns to this day. The scars are still there after all this time.

All I can say is: we're all human.

I've loved those who will never understand that love and I've been loved by those whose feelings I cannot return no matter how much I want to.

It is not fair but it is human. And I thank God every day that I'm alive to feel all of these strange and wonderful emotions. To cry, to laugh, to love, to lose. This is what it means to live.

I am the product of my experiences and I wouldn't change me for the world.