You Know They Don't Love You Back When...

Symptoms of Lovesickness

One Broken Heart

Too Many Unwiped Tears

That E  m  p  t  y Feeling

Pain. Lots and lots and lots and lots of pain. So deep it cuts into your very being. Leaving scars that will last long after the pain.

When more time is spent on the person you love than you would ever spend on yourself. Even if they would never give you the same sacrifice, and couldn't care less what your time is spent on.

No matter what you will always believe there is hope. And you despise yourself for it.

When your Heart has been ripped out, and ignored, yet still can't let go.

When you would do anything for your love... Even if it means that you can't love them.

When you try to find new ways to hate them. Becuase then at least it wouldn't hurt so much.

When everything is out of your control.

When you can't say why you love them, and to you that's the strongest love anyone can ever have.

When you realize that you can never, ever have them...again...

When you have finally hit the lowest low. And no one can bring you up, and anyone who can will never be there.

When you care so much about the person you forget about everything else completely, even your health and wellbeing.

When you sit and write something like this crying to yourself, and wondering why you are so pathetic.

When you can't sleep at night becuase when you close your eyes, they are standing there to remind you that you are alone.

When you feel all these feelings, but are too afraid to tell them, becuase you're scared they might not care. And the truth is they probably won't.

When you feel their presence everywhere. But you don't want to because it's just another reminder of how far away they really are.

When the pain is so great, you feel that giving up altogether is th only choice, when really you have so much to live for.

When they have told you that they don't love you. And you would do anything to say those same words...and mean it.

But the only words that you can say are:

I love you, and no matter what happens I will still love you and I still think of you all the time. I know it means nothing to you, but you mean everything to me.

Please if anyone ever falls in love with you and feels this strongly. Don't shrug it off like it is nothing, I'm not asking you to love them back, I'm just asking you to care.

And if anyone ever falls in love with someone this strongly and they don't love you the same way, hold on to every last bit of sanity you have. Don't let it completely ruin who you are. You are a wonderful person and can pull through. You will have some very rough times. But, it will get better...

I hope. At least that's what I've been told.

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It has been 7 years... I just can't hold it anymore

It's been 2 years and I'm still feeling miserable. I love him.

This is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Beautifully written. Unfortunately love, like most things in life, has no guarantee. We just have to go with the flow, attempt to protect our heart but also not closing it completely. A broken heart does mend, but the scar is always there. A life without passion is a life wasted.


did any of u ever get hit with abelt

My goodness kid. You most definitely understand what I am feeling right now. Put me in tears over here!

did u ever get hit with abelt from your mom or dad

yes, care and feel honored because to be loved that way is rare... but by no means show it, that only fuels hope...and hope in this case is the worst thing you can allow. Realize that you have a power over them and be kind enough to let it go... and to give back that power, we have to be cruel to be kind...I'm not talking indifference... that only hurts more...disconnect completely, cut of all ties and let it fade completely, force them to move on. Don't bleed their soul dry so that eventually when the wounds heal and they find someone who loves them back, they might look back, and hopefully realize you cared enough to let them go.

This made me cry, I try reading it again but i couldn't. I felt every single word you wrote but I was the one to let him go, to break up with him because if I hadn't I would have been unhappier than this. I wish for his well being always, he wasnt a good boyfriend, but I always loved him, still do and will always do. He is in my thought every single day and I pray for his well being and hapiness, No matter where he is, I hope he is happy for the life he chose to be in. And I hope he remembers me sometimes.

I hear you. I feel all that, not too strong as I don't think this is love yet. I don't fall in LOVE easily at all ppl describe me as ''cold'' even but this! He is perfect, gorgeous sexy, charismatic and even a bit shy!! He just captivates me with everything he does even his voice makes my knees weak. i believe unrequited feelings can leave the person feeling sad and ''not good enough'' I never feel good enough for him. I've been told how pretty I am yet he is beyond that he is GORGEOUS like Adonis to me! I think it was the way he looked at me that got me hooked. He stared intensely at me while talking to our group. He is my tutor. I'm a nobody....

i was there in every word . its like 1 hour i have been crying after reading this again and again. he doesnt love me . but all i have is him. life without him wont be life. i will hear anythng from him , i will get abused , i will see him flirting around , i will see him using me, i will see him cheating me but i will still love him with my whole heart. i just dont want him to leave me. yes i sound pathetic . cuz i really think i am pathetic .

I need to be healthy, for my unborn child...but losing this man, who seemed so willing and happy to start a family with me, has left me feeling everything you've written here. I am suppose to eat, to exercise, to get up out of bed...but I can't. I can't think of anything but Him, and how much I love and miss him. I'm so lost. I'm stuck, in this dark place where everything is him, and our memories together. Even my baby's kicking makes me think of him. I need more than anything to move on...but it seems so hard right now. :( What helps? I need the help...

Definitely been there. confessed to my best friend in high school 6 years ago and felt this way.. Just getting over it now.. Itz crazy how they can say hate can poison your soul but I feel like un-reciprocated love poisons it so much more..

thats how i feel right now...wish things are not the way it is now....but i guess thats the reality i hv to face..

i think i have pulled it through..<br />
<br />
from being in bed and crying over him, writing about him not being able to think of anyone else dismiss anyone who shows faintest interest in me to calling him, crying despising and loving him in a strange way... the worst was his broken promises, his betrayal and not being able to accept, acknowledge and come to terms let alone get over it.<br />
<br />
i still dont date, cant actually...but im working happy with friends and most of all very proud of myself. i tell myself its ok to be vulnerable, to have opened up and loved and its not my fault if he did what he did. <br />
<br />
if i could pull it through i think anyone can...i couldnt believe i can move on and be happy. it will take a long time to trust and let anyone come close. yet i am relieved the worst is over.

Oh this is so true, thanks for posting. The worst one happened to me the other day though - i heard this loud jersey accent at school, turned around and there was a guy laughing with his friends, who looked exactly the same as him. I was gobsmacked. No way, right? <br />
It wasnt him. As if it was going to be, all the way on the other side of the world. But it was probably the meanest trick God has ever played on me, because for a second there I had actual real hope. Bummed me out for about 4 days.<br />
Honestly, most of the time I wish I had never met him, because at least then I would be happily ignorant to what real love is. And I wouldnt be stuck trying to move on. Whats the point of it all? <br />
How is the time thing going anyway - are you feeling better? How long is this supposed to take?

coulnt have said it better myself ...drip drip drip

Sometimes it works the other way. Somebody loves you and you don't love them in the same way. Has that happened to you? It's nobody's fault and you can't force yourself (or anyone else) to have the same feelings as you. <br />
<br />
Just don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of because of your tender loving feelings which make a 'lovesick' person so willing to please the one they love. It can be a bit of a power trip. We live and learn. Often the hard way. Best of luck for a mending heart.

It reminds me of the truth !

veeeeeeeeeeeeery nyc. quite interestn n true

You reminded me of my past :(

i love it every word is so true

I like someone who doenst like me back .....and i try over and over again to let go but i can't pull it thorugh ..should i tell him how i feel :i like you you proabably dont care but i had to tell you this ..(and he wont give a ****) but i wonder if i tell him what i feel even though he dont care if after that it would be easyer to let go ? cause you know is the most i could do ..? so should i bother?

dont bother , i know this is not what you want to know n its painful, ive been there

so lonely i have felt ... and your writting wipes my tears and holds me warm that i need. THANK YOU, your beautiful writting.

this is so true

I hope by now you are feeling/doing much better....but I am so grateful that you wrote what you did in Feb. The man I've dating for the last 8 months has made it clear that he really does love his ex gf more than me. I came into his life when his mother fell ill last Fall and "nurtured" him through the indescribable grief of her death. He is grateful to me...but does not love me even though he's talked of marriage. He's gone back to her...and I could just tear my heart out. Your story said EVERY single thing I feel...especially the writing these feelings while you type part. THANK YOU.

I know exactly how you feel. You've encapsulated just about everything I've experienced over the past few months. Wish the pain would end. I hope yours is lessening with the passage of time, I really do.

Wow, that basically sums it all up perfectly, especially the 'cant sleep as when you close your eyes they are standing there reminding you that youre alone' one. I havent cried in years but I'm welling up right now after reading that. Thank you.

i feel for you so much cos that's exactly how i feel now.