I Fall In Love to Easy Also

I fall in love so easy I try not to think its because I am needy, this last time I met this guy online he was from here in my home town, he wooed me and told me things that I dont hear much and I went running to him, I did what ever he wanted and couldnt think of anything but him then I started seeing that he had other girls from here on is myspace list and talking to them I saw he was telling them the same thing when I asked him about it he said he only want to be my **** buddy and that now he couldnt deal with jealousy and he only want to be my friend,  I think I will die I am hurt beyond words, he used me, and he isnt the first , what is wrong with me why cant a man love me for me and not what I do for them,  I am a nice person I am loving and I am great in bed, even if i have to say it myself. why am I judge so much,  it has to be me something is wrong with me.  help me find out , sometimes I dont want to go on living I am thinking of ending this life,
debbienky debbienky
41-45, F
2 Responses Jun 3, 2007

If you're suicidal you need to seek help for that straight away.

You need to get your self-esteem sorted out; there is no-one else in this world who can do that for you, or give you anything to stand in place of it. Use the pain to make you strong enough to make that first step, and afterwards, good things will happen!