One Way Love!

I loved some 1 who never loved me back, he was quite the chemellion, could disguise his tru self quite well.

I  loved him with all my heart and soul but he never loved me,.

Really ! i fell inlove with a complete illusion which was pretty devestating! 

I gave him a beautiful daughter only to be told i was a nothing!

i know now that i am some 1 special with alot of love to give!

he was also a charmer and a complete jekyll and hyde personality.

To get his one way narcissistic love took alot from me in the process i lost me!

It taught me alot tho! and i got a beautiful daughter out of it despite the pain,i m saving myself for some 1 special like me!


Feflower Feflower
36-40, F
3 Responses Jun 13, 2007

I once saw a greeting card that read "I will never forget my former misconceptions of you." I'm glad you're seeing him for what he is.

he ends up the loser always remember that

You have found the good in a bad experience, learned from mistakes, and come out strong: congratulations!