I Loved 2 People Who Didn't Love Me

Once at 17, the next time at 45.  Love is cruel - both times hopelessly smitten.  Inbetween I got married and did all the usual things you do in life but my heart is forever broken.  Mutual love must be the best thing ever but some of us just never get to experience it.  Don't think I don't love my husband, because I do and we've been best friends for over twenty years.  But this thing is different.  It's strong and it's all embracing and it doesn't go away.  Ever.
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2 Responses Jun 15, 2007

You love your husband because you will do nothing to hurt him. That is love. You have an emotional attraction to this other guy. Its a part of our animal instincts. It happens to us all. What happens if after this you have feelings for someone else? Or perhaps several guys. You cant be responsible for your feelings, but you can be responsible for what you do or dont do with them.

I know exactely how u feel- i have a strong connection with my current partner but im in love with someone else