I don't know that it was love... but I know it was something strong to have me get stood up three times and feel just as strong for him. He has hurt me so bad... and probably doesn't even know it. Getting over him isn't proving to be so easy.. especially not when he flirts with me. He doesn't know that every time he leads me on... he is leading me right back down that dark dank alley of depression. I'd tell him... but I can't. He always acts weird when I do anything to show that I have an interest in him. And when he led me on... everything got worse. Its some birthday present to get stood up, you know? I just want to love someone who will love me back..
PoeticRejection PoeticRejection
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1 Response Jun 19, 2007

in order to actually Move on Completely..Be True to yourself..You CAN Be happy without him...i Dont want to sound weird with this Quote but its Really True..iF a Man is Truly Worthy..you Would Never Question Him..or his love...Well what im trying to Say is you can Move on and Be Happy..you just have to be Strong..and AS For this Guy that's Leading you On..Tell Him 2 Bak off he caused to Many Damage and Your not a Toy he can Come and Play with you..u Have Feelings and ur Emotions R Getting Worse with Him Flirting...dont Put urself in that Position Because its Not Worth it..if he Hurts you and Doesnt Know it...There's No Reason 2 SPeak to Him At ALL....<br />
<br />
Well i Really Hope you can Move on From Him and Find a Crush at Least..Just Start all Over Again...This World has a Variety of Men out There so Never Give Up ^_^