I Loved a Girl Who Loved Another Guy Who Didn't Love Her.

We met again after 7 years. She was my classmate of middle school. She said she sit next to me, but I don't remember. She's tall and beautiful and a little artistic touch. I had a crash on her, though I knew she had a boyfriend.

Then just after about a week, we even didn't date, I asked her "would you be my girlfriend" . The answer was an expected "No". Now I don't even know how can I be so stupid rush. Anyway, after that "no", I still loved her. I tried to forget her, but I compared every girl I met with her.

One night she called me to complain her relation problem. She changed a boyfriend, or at least she thought that guy was her bf, but the cool guy didn't give her ****. He showed a little interest and left her standing outside all night long. (that's why i said cool guy)

Damn it, it is the worst conflict of my emotion ever. I think she know I still have a feeling of her, but she pretend didn't know. She talked to me she loved someone who doesn't love her. Ask  for my advice and comfort.

about a year later, she became fat and emotionally cold. And I finally get over it.

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Hey there, I can certainly relate to what you have typed. The girl (who's my classmate) also did almost exactly the same thing to me, cheapening my love and all that. But I have gradually retracted my feelings...some people just ain't worth it.

Well, I should say "gain some extra pound", not really fat, an average American body shape~ <br />
<br />
I think the key issue was that her personality and attitude changed. Most of the time she was cold, so when she talked to me, I more often felt being used instead of being a close friend to her. I thought she only talked to me when she depressed, and I would alway be there to comfort her like as if I was a nurse or psycho doctor. And when I talk to her she just wanted to end the talking as fast as possible.

I think your story just goes to show how:<br />
1) We all get over our first love somehow or another, eventually<br />
2) That's what happens to someone when they have true love staring them right in the face, and they ignore it (they get fat and grow cold - ha ha)<br />
3) Most people want what they can't have, even if it's the "cool guy" (or cool girl) who will just treat them like **** in the end<br />
<br />
I thought your story was a good one...the ending cracked me up! It just goes to show you that some things aren't meant to be - you could have ended up with her. But then you'd have a fat, cold girlfriend right now, too! <br />