I Want to Meet Him Again After 14 Years

I haven't seen him for 14 years and would like to. I am not sure where he lives. The stupid mistakes one does when we are young terrible. I wasn't diplomatic, I was just cold, short sighted and abprupt. I have a child with him and he did not wanted this child and I went of. But I was unfriendly to him as well, I told him that in a unfriendly way. And I haven't missed him for such a long time, just now I think about him. My daughter is now 15 and will do her GCSE and is a strobby teenager, but otherwise good. Here in London everybody is a single mum, that is like a sport.

I know live with my partner Oliver since then. He was my first boyfriend and he was the dad and a modern dad,and the actual dad was nowhere. He has missed everything and had no chance in beeing a dad, how terrible.



bridget bridget
41-45, F
Jun 21, 2007