So the Forbidden Love

I remmber it like it was yesterday my best freind in the world i fell for him the first day i saw him.It was in third grade i had spilled my juice on my shorts this girl saw and started making fun of me she was like "ha ha you peed on your self" He came over and said "leave her alon it's not like you havent" I looked at him and automatically fell for him she left he than sat by me and said hey my name is jason i was like hey my name is SAM I thanked him. Since than on we were inseperable I watched as he grew and started eventually dating girls that always seemed to break his heart i was always there for him infact i had gotten in a couple of fights with some girls that were trashed him badly  cause i still loved him I never however understood why he hung out with me all the ladyies fancied him he was so popular i was so far from it. so we were best friends but than in 7th grade he had to move away I was really sad not to mention dissapointed I couldnt beleive that he had gone. so two years passed without seeing him i still loved him and well than finally one day I found him on myspace I sent him a freind request he accepted. now he told me that he was comming back I still Love him with all of my heart although i know he will never feel the same i have waited for him 9 years now I just havent been able to look at another guy i dont know why I love him so much and well im gonna wait for him to come back what i dont know is if my confession of love for him will ever come out of my lips and if he will ever find out

Jason I love you for ever the only things i have left are these memories of us when we were youngand how we always wer there for eachother and we always stuck up for eachtoher i love you just remember that

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2 Responses Jun 21, 2007

that sweet. yah, u have your true love. treasure it

such a sad story... that sort of thing always happens to the best ppl. i hope u find ur 1 true love!