I Still Love Him

Compensating for the loss of my last boyfriend, I began dating after only a few days. Unfortunately I realized that my new boyfriend was too great of a guy to lead him on the way I was, and I broke it off. Just weeks after, I missed him terribly, and knew I had made a horrible mistake. I tried desparately to forget him, but even after dating other guys I knew something was different about him. We had become and stayed really close after we broke up, and even fooled around once. I told him how I felt, but he's never responded in the same way. I still hope that someday he'll love me the way I love him, and I can have a second chance.
Tyler Tyler
32 Responses Jul 25, 2006

I dont think he really loves u the same way as u love him back and i think that he like someone else he dosent feel the same way like he used to for u

I'm not not a therapist so I can't tell it's going to be alright or give somesure fire way to "Get over" the one that got away.But I can honestly say that you are not alone. I was with my son's mother for six years and we are no longer together and only talk when it concerns our son. I keep my feelings to myself so that she does'nt feel uncomfortable but it's hard. I've tried to date but after one or two times I just kind of shut down and end up stopping communication. Well I just wanted to let you know that someone out ther understands and cares.

I am not a therapist either, but I have read plenty about this and experienced this. You should take time to heal and read online about the best way to heal after a break-up. See a counselor if you think that will help. Work on making yourself stronger and doing all you can do to move forward and keep your life moving in the right direction aggressively. He was just one part of your life and don't forget that. Now take the time to strengthen the other parts.