I Love My English Teacher

I hate unrequited love. I think i should probably mention the woman i love happens to be my english teacher, so i know there is no chance and would never try anything because her happiness is more important to me than mine, and i know she loves her job and would get fired if anything happened. Ive searched the internet quite alot for people who love their teachers, and found NOTHING. grr. I think i have probably blurred this somewhere in between love and adrmiration, but it still damn hurts! I doubt this is actually helpful to anyone but you never know

If any of you have any advice that would be great! And also how to deal with the summer break!!

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I totally feel for you as I am going through the same thing. I think I've liked this teacher for almost a year now. It's sucks because she is such a wonderful person and I would love to get to know her, but it's so hard because I am too ******* shy. Also, her name is so common, it makes it impossible for me to go a day without hearing it. Wow, so many "its" in that sentence. Now with the semester starting back up again, I am torn between going into a building I know she will be in with the hopes of seeing her again, or trying to completely forget about her. Anyway, best of luck to you.

I loved my english teacher too<br />
so many years ago <br />
<br />
what can I say, time will make sure it passes<br />
<br />
meanwhile talk out your feelings with someone you trust, it really helps

i've been looking for someone who's been through it and past it! got any more advice for us hopeless romantics?

Damn, that must be hard for you, especially because you see her often as she is your teacher. Something that helps is if you can get occupied by other things, for example now during the summer (if you live in the northern hemisphere) you should hang around with friends a lot more, do stuff that you love doing so that you won't subconsciously be thinking of your teacher. Eventually that love will fade away. Do not attempt to push the love away yourself by forcing you not to thing of her, it'll never work and will hurt you more; just do things that might hasten its fading! :D Good luck sweetie; Stay strong and you'll make it!