Longing 4 Love

I love my ex (husband) I just don't know if he loves me back we still have sex and stuff but the thing is that i fked him ova by going with someone. I'm not trying to get sympathy, that's the last thing that i want because i know that i fked it up, I just want him back. I just want us to be one again.

i want to move on with my life and see what is out their for me i just don't know how because he has the children and i get the feeling if i do not see the children as much as i am now He is going to take off somewhere. to another city. and i don't want that ay. so i just keep on doing what everyone wants me to be like. (a Bum)

I know that i am beta then that I'm just stuck in this sht hole and seem unable to get out of it... 

some of the things that he says to me makes me think twst about us getting back 2getha and then he can be awesome to me.

am i really that fked up for no-one to like me...

Im like getting really dwn now



iroxmean iroxmean
31-35, F
Jun 28, 2007