Farewell, Days of My Youth!

In my childhood, I had a crush on someone who could very well be considered the male version of me. For years, I pined after him. We could talk about anything. Then, at one point in time, my friend was interested in him. Another "friend" (who has betrayed me on many occasions) encouraged her to ignore my feelings and go after him. They dated for several years. His and my friendship fell apart. Now, I don't hold any kind of grudge against that friend who dated him; I just want their happiness. I'm dating a great man, myself. However, I can't help but think about that one guy, several states away from me, and wonder what might've been had I made a move. I Hate Unrequited Love.
Sango Sango
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 4, 2007

err ive been meanining to figure out somethingg with me and this guy. hes really fun and we are alot alike. hes asked me out before but that was only right after i met him. now i have a bf and he has a gf.<br />
<br />
i hope i dont have anyregret :-(