My Story... Ell

 soem say because im young that thigns will change,..... your life will change... i know i souldn a little stupid to some... but when you find someoen you love you just know.. that they are the one you want to spend the rest of your life with well my story its kinda complicated.... but ill share it the best i can....


it all started about four years ago when we first met... the funny thign was we hated each other... untill it turned out that we couldnt go a day with out seeing each other.. funy hwo thigns happen.. anyway his parents got a divorce i wans t supposed to know but i ofund out from a friend.... for two years he was forbidden to speak to me. and its only within the last two weeks he has started to again.. but its sad cause now we are satrtign right back at the begining.... liek when we first met.... adn its so hard... cause i love him and yet i know that we can never be together because every time we are we are constintly lookig nover our shoulders to see if his mother is anywere near.... if she is well then were screwed...and it doesnt help that his mother is allways there and always glarign.. just wiating to fidn and excuse to get me expelled... 

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whats happening to you sucks but love is strong and manages any kind of situation just keep on trying