Falling In Love

It seems that everyone that I date, I tend to fall in love with.  But most of the time they don't fall in love with me.  Its a nasty habit to always be the person who sees a future with someone, but they never share that with you.  I am trying to learn to date with immediately falling in love, without being clingy, or overly attached.  Its quite difficult, but I have to do it, else I'm never going to find that one person who is right for me.
derekthetech derekthetech
22-25, M
4 Responses Jul 5, 2007

I kinda get that, but I don't think it's like falling in love it's more like a little crush on hoping you might get somewhere good. It is a nasty habit I do it to! Frustrating.

You need to work on your short game for awhile. Being whipped by every girl you come in contact with will kill ya in the long run. You will end up marrying any girl who will say yes and spend the marriage wondering how this happened to you. Go out and have some one night stand with chicks that want the same..you'll eventually get your feet under you and realize what you really want in a women.... If it is women you are dating sorry you never know

It suck's aye! hang in there hopfully we will all find some body decent 1 day, From Feflower

dont worry mate it happens to me too. I have been with 3 women now who initially couldnt get enough of me, said i was really fit, even suggested we move in together, then all of a sudden they end the relationship out of the blue. I think were being too nieve here. Next time a girl says to me "i love you" i will say "no you dont" lol that way it will keep her thinking she has to work to keep me and hopefully will be enough to keep the interest in me alive.