A Poem About Loving Someone That Doesn't Love You Back!!

When you love someone that doesn't love you back

When you've given so much of yourself-mind, body, and soul and that person could care less.

When theyre all you think about night and day and they hardly think of you.

When they dont call, text, or come by like they said they would, and yet another lonely night you've spent.

When the pain and hurt bypasses your heart and cuts into your soul, and you wonder why you even care and "just let it go" is what you've been told.

When you wonder if its someone else and what they have that you don't.

When youve cried a river with your tears...given your all...tried and tried...cried too many times...cursed the ground they walked on and apologized unnecessarily...when you've been on an emotional roller coaster happy, sad, depressed, and mad...when you've cared about this someone more than youve cared about yourself...when your feelings went ignored...is when you loved someone that didn't love you back.

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Ive been dating this guys for years bt he use me to satisfy his male ego and to get money , sorry for me i called it love , love that did nt exist to him nw m deeply hurt and it would take time to heal

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The poem relate to me as well. Thanks

Loved the poem I relate on so many levels only thing I found strange is I haven't seen any responses as bout a woman not loving her man... anyone can help me out that's my case..

I am in love with this girl but she doesn't love me back I gave her chocolate, roses, stuffed animals, a shirt, and a silent hill CD (her fave band) witch btw is not cheep and she doesn't love me back she loves someone else and she doesn't even recognize me and I have also asked her out about idk 8 times


I'll be using this for a school project, thankyou.

So I like this guy in school . It was a new school year and I liked him since the first day . And I have been crushing on him lately . Int one day . He liked my friend . It really broke me inside but i didn't show it . Then he got over her 2 weeks later . And then he starts liking this other girl in school . . Then I was surprised . That she was wayy better looking then me . Well a lot of people say I'm perfect . But I just wish someone would like me for once . I just keep falling into every trap like I know that they don't like me . Yet I still have a hard time . I keep thinking about him everyday . And plus he posts pictures on instagram about each other being wcw or wce . Which stands for women crush everyday . Then . I just keep thinking m and wondering if he ever even liked me . For even a minute... . I know he would never like a girl like me. I tries ignoring him buy I have 4 classes with him . And I sit next to him .😭 its hard to get over him when you constantly see him every day !

I need help. I really like this girl from work. But i know she dont like me back and i think its because im not the type she likes. Buff and good looking. Im a little fluffy. Not fat but fluffly. Even tho she said many times she likes thick guys. I told her how i felt before but i guess it made her feel awkward towards me. Now she has a boyfriend but we still talk and my stupid a** still telling her i like her. She tells me to stop liking her and just be her friend. Signs that tell me she doesnt see anything happening with me. I keep telling her to stop talking to me so i can get over her, and we do but it will only last 1 or 2 months because she messages me telling me how much she misses me and it hurts her that i cant even look at her. I know she likes me as a friend and thats fine but she's one of those people that as much as i tried i cant just be friends with. We are the total opposite and we dont have lots in common but there's something about her. I feel like i have to not be friends with her so i can stop thinking about her and get over her and maybe in the future i could see her just as a friend. Unfortunately i know she wont be able to stop talking to me because she loves me as a friend. I dont know what to do

this is happening to me

I'm sorry this happened to you. Sometimes we love someone so much who just isn't meant for us.... We move on but we never forget them. Somehow they changed your life and made you realize what love truly is, to help you grow and be with someone that DESERVES you! It has happened to me also. It burned a hole in my heart that feels like it will never be the same again but now, I'm learning to pick up the peices. <3

I met dis guy while i was going 2 town in 2o1o we exchange the nambars nd started 2 send text dan i fell in luv wit him,but he couldnt see he thot we were just friend he told me dat he love me once nd dat stayed in my head until nw.he loves sum1 else nd cant c dat im also in love with him

May be you should just tell him how you feel...Never know what may become of it...A person will never know how you feel, if you don't tell them!...Good luck to you...

It's the worst pain a prison can experience in there life, especially when time separates u,and intuition let's u know that u have faded from there memory, but unfortunately they will never truly fade from yours. It's like they become a thorn in your heart that u are doomed to live out the rest of your existence with.

This describes me in every way possible.... I have been in love for 3 years with someone who does not love me... We have a sexual relationship and that's all when I am with him I just get the butterfly's every time and fall deeper and deeper every time I see him I try to let go but he doesn't go anywhere ....yet won't commit in any way or even hang out with me outside the bedroom I feel like a fool but yet loving him is both torture and paradise at the same time I really hope I find the means to let go one day of the best thing that has ever happend to me

It hurts

Awwwwn :'(

I just got a facebook page two months ago and sent friend requests to old friends from high school. Then one day a guy I knew from high school sent me a friend request. We started talking and begin flirting and then one day he told me he was falling in love with me. He asked me out. I was sad to find out that he had a girlfriend. So we decided on being just friends.....friends who were falling in love with each other.
I invite him to my church and we smile once we see each other. He was just as silly as he was on facebook. When he left I felt great about our meeting. But that's when it changed. The next day I invite him to go to the movies and he says he wants to 'respect' his relationship with his girlfriend. I knew that wasn't the reason he didn't want to go. He saw me in person and didn't think I was beautiful anymore. He didn't love me anymore because I wasn't some skinny model. I know I look thinner, and better looking in my pictures then I do in real life. Now he wants to go to the movies but I think it's out of pity. Why can't I ever be good enough for anyone?

Hey look! Mr right is around dont corner. :*

I'm going through this right now he said he hates me but yet will have sex with me. We live together but yet sleep in separate rooms. I don't know why I continue to hang on hoping he is going to change to be the loving man he used to be. I still love him so much I cry myself to sleep everynight . I'm young and get asked out a lot I just turn them down cause I think I'm in love still. He spit on me before calls me names n yet I still stay

Hey B, That dude doesnt deserve those tears . Move on, there's someone out there waiting for you. ({})

I've been chasing shadows clinging to thetiny threads.all that's left from the stich that bound us together..she had a child with another. i stood up for all men n held her hand when he was born after only 3 weeks of being together. i loved her as my own family.
time went on the sleepless nights the happiest cryies from such a small face.
she started talking with him again. a horrible worm lounge of a man drug infested party creature started to sway her.id done so much was her right hand for a year. i asked her to marry me. she said yes.. the happiest day of.my life. in durdle door before it collapsed.
time rolled on we got to a point where we started rubbing of eachother .the child took so much of our precious time together we drifted apart.
he grandad dies just after we left him. the journey was full of stressing lost control i felt a million miles away from her even tho she was right next to me.
we split n i left i cryied for 4 months longed for my family back. in this time she got with another n also broke her ex heart again .

two months later we started talkin again. all that love and what attracted us together in the first place was still there. she takes me to her mums tells her were back together but better this.time....
a direct repeat happens i start finding messages from him.oh i still love u.. my ikle faerie shall we go to the woods with the kisses xx xx xx
makes my hands sweat with nerves around her. to scared to tell her. nor to proud to be stood upon.

i take us on a huge holiday work my hands to the bone to make all this right.
she says before we go after all my work paying for it all... this will be make or break for us.....good god..my heart shrunk n Dipped its self in liquid black
a diamond tear cut its way down my soul.
on holiday i bought her a ring n planned to ask her to marry me again..
one night looking thru the pictures a message comes up.leading to a load more.all the past come to my in one express train n hits.my heart harder than anything I've ever felt.right now the space where it was instill bleeding and feels very cold.not a word i can use to explain just how much i feel such a loss. i can't sleep its at night i love as its full of peace n no other humans around to get in my way or hurt me. influence there ways on my soul. try n take what is mine.what i feel and hold so dear to.my spirit. what is left of what i feel im not sure what's real.
i took her flowers n she got me arrested. harassment the cop says your love letters n ur texts she's given them are my binding proof im guilty of feeling im guilty of loving too much. putting my all into another . one who promised to never leave again.ahead would be together forever married and more family around. that.night on holiday i found the messages. i broke down asked her. why him after everything she says your.. were just friends nothing more.. i ask why u haven't sent that many kisses to me in so long.. guess what she said... its just the way we talk "'! your ex over ur man no reason to talk to ur ex like that. dissrespectfully crushing us. i don't drop it so she attacks me kicking and punching. pins me to the bed tryies to strangle mei don't lay a hand on her.. all this infront of our 2yr old she does this to me.
6weeks on im still broken she's blocked me and is happy moving forward still with my heart n im broken n not able to ever love.nor trust a woman again with my soul. i thought family a wife in sure was close thick solid n unbreakable a second time . I've been.used abused n ripped apart trashed n lied too. walked all over n not can't go to my home in aus because of what's she's done.i lay here cold and alone. the inter is setting in and the songs repeat over n over. I've sat n watched every leaf fall from out my window.can't engage can't eat nor sleep. all this she has done n i still love her. i stil love my family I've biked 30 miles to her house every Friday in the night to take her flowers and a note of love and peace. but to no avail. i can't let go or give up. im broken and won't ever love another the same. we are all born alone in this world and we all die alone. aloha. good bye .x see you in the next life. im done with this one..
do you speak to me as u talk to god all the love and understanding of the father and the prodigal son.

Wow. I am going through this right now. and have been through this before...

Gosh that tells exactly what im going thru with my girl. How come i cant get up and walk out? Im so scared to lose her when i already have lost her. Im so sad and confused. This changed over night bout 5 days ago. Now she is just rude n mean to me. Im still here w :-(it her right now but she went to sleep and didnt talk to me all evening :-( i miss her already

I am always searching for a way to release myself from liking him..I had always liked him since the first time I met him and now we became business partner. We will stay in touch forever. Now it had been a year and I still like him. I tried to spill it out but I afraid it will change the way he treats me. I am afraid even just to admit that I like him.

This poem helped me a lot an as a teenager I'm going through this at the moment. Glad I'm not the only one in the world who feels the same xx

Im going through it now, i love my husband and he doesn't love back. Although we're separated i feel he can change. But all he see in me is money.

If he only sees money I no it's hard letting go but I wouldn't take him back if he doesn't respect you and only wants your money he's not worth the effort maybe if he changes but think he would need to prove his self to you first x

You just made me feel horrible because I hate the guy who likes me. ._.

Thank you for this poem. It made me realize that I am not alone in the way I felt 3 years ago. These feelings keep me from ever falling for someone again.

sigh... so true

Great poem,this is how I feel right now with the man I been seeing for 8years now .
And I feel so lost just trying to figure what to do .and so confused.
Thank you for this poem .

Hi, I am the same only for 7 years. It has been traumatic and passionate in turns for all that time. It has been violent and loving. This time I lashed out. He will not, can not commit. There is no stability or security. He can barely stay the night. I have never been introduced to his family. I am an intelligent, good looking and relatively confident woman but this man and this dysfunctional relationship have held my heart for 7 years. He is amazing when he is good and we are a tragedy when we don't get on. There is absolutely no continuity. I am about to turn 50 and want to get a grip of my life but am faced with an abyss when I think of my life without him. I know I will meet someone else in time but I really had hoped this would be the love of my life. I too am so confused.

thank you this will help me made me feel good about myself.

I reall love ur poem i really can relate to it alot

Just read this poem and It touched my soul. Our love was love at first sight and so fasy, crazy, wild, and different! Of course as time goes on the fire dies down a bit, but loving someone shouldn't. I know everyone's not perfect and you find flaws that you either work and communicate with/on, but you just don't stop loving someone and actin like you just "don't care." I faught for her, I loved her, and I did all I could to be with who I thought was the one. It was hurting me more to be with her in limbo than to just know it was over. Taking the coward way out and saying she loved me, we were in a "slump", wed get over it, "she doesn't know who she is", I tried to give her, her space, but when you love someone and they "stop" caring, respecting you, loving you, it can drive anyone crazy emotionally. At the end of the day, I know I did all I could to fight, love, and be there for her. I had to be the bigger person and love and respect myself. Breakups are never easy, but loving yourself more than to keep hurting yourself by trying to make someone love you back is always hard. Letting go and moving on is the greatest challenge, because even if you fall straight on your face as you walk away, you're still movin forward.

I like that; movin forward.

to, fatbunny189, you are not alone ..........every 1 out of 10 have the same problem......
i was one of them.........its been an year since the same happened to me........i cried for days and for many nights....prayed for an advent......

and what i received was nothing......
but now i am happy.........its better to love yourself than anyone..........
and its better to love our family than any one..because for one thing we are always sure.......

"they will never leave us alone.they will never ignore us":)

I am going through this of course the guy I like likes the prettiest girl in school. I've never had such a big crush on anyone. I am really loud and whenever I say something I say it really loud and he just rolls his eyes. And its my friends that ruined it for me. we were good friends but then my friends went up to him and said "She wants you for christmas!" From then on he has never given me a second glance. My heart is telling me to let go but my soul is telling me hold on things get better. I always act cheery and happy in school and my friends dont even know what goes on inside. Were I'm dying and crying. But this poem showed me that I'm not alone

I am going through this at the mo and its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel what makes it worse for me is mine is my best friend and ii know i am going to have to have a break from him and that also breaks my heart i dont have many friends and def not any that i can talk to like this i didnt think this year could get worse but i should know it doesnt get better thanks for your poem it does help to know i am not alone

I love this poem as I was reading it I'm like that's true so is that and so is that, I need help I'm only 13 years old but I have known the person that I like all my life and we dated like a month ago, now I told him I like him again and of corse he likes the popular, pretty, athletic girl who is a cheerleader and is amazing at gymnastics:( and he lives right beside me and his sister is one of my best friends:( so what should i do?

the poem speaks the truth loving someone who doesn't love you back is like chasing a wind and you will be hurted so you rather let it go

i love this poem it help me to just let go thata person.......

i like the poem....nd i've done all those things..(crying) specifically.:(

WOW im currently in this poem, living it, crying rivers, breathing and eating it.... It's time to let go of this man who brakes me so....

very touching

I'm facing that now, that person really doesn't love me back, he has #2, it crushed my soul like a grape.

Oh my god, this poem is spot on... this is what im going through at the moment. Trying desperately to get the man i love to love me back but i just dont know how to any-more, I'm in a one sided relationship, I do anything and everything for him but he does not reciprocate. I have given up 5 years of my life for this man for nothing in return.<br />
Thank you for the poem, at least i know im not the only one going through this.

Letting go of what you can't<br />
It's hard to do , letting go,<br />
But when they have and you cannot<br />
Then it's best for you, to say no,<br />
Try real hard to hold on tight,<br />
If your hearts love tries to say go<br />
And they don't see your tears in the night<br />
Life is short, true love is forever,<br />
It's not your fault that this love is heartfelt

I am honest to God, this poem is a reflection of my inner self. I'm desperately in love with a friend of mine for 2 years...I know that I've moved way beyond the crush stage and what I have for him is delicate and real...unfortunately the feeling isn't mutual. He rejected me when I poured out my heart to him. Yet, I can't bring myself to move on. He's the only thing that's on my mind. I can't eat properly, I can barely crack a smile anymore, I can't focus on my studies and I cry myself to sleep almost every night. Knowing that I'm never on his mind pains me even more. I'm 22 and ,as sad as this may sound, this is actually the very first time I have ever felt this way about someone. Now all my dreams and hopes are crushed.

love sucks. but it hurts even more when someone who said they loved u for months, suddenly pulls the rug out from under u and then pretends he doesn't even see u. it hurts and u cry and cry. but u knkow u gotta pick the pieces back up again.

yes a great poem thank U that s what i feel .....

im the same i love this boy named donnie but he does not like me back.i wrote him poem but that does not help. he says im cute but still does not like me back. wtf is wrong with him?

I love someone soo much; and she is the only person i have trully ever cared for and would die for, but she is out with someone and doesn't even like me. btw i have done everything on that peom even ended up crying at one point :(

Then you get rid of that situation and find one where you are loved back. Don't waste any time crying over someone who doesn't cry over you. I did and I won't get that time back. That's the worst part.

thats true i feel the same way about someone i dream about them but they dont dream about me

wow....theres a point in life, when you feel like.. you are the only one going thru this, forgetting.. theres so much more out there going thru the same dam thing... unreal..... I am going thru this also, I cant say he doesnt love me... becuz i know he does..jus not as much as I love him..he does NOT give as much as I give.... trying to figure out that maybe... he jus doesnt know how..... or more like im HOPING he doesnt know how....

wow, this is exactly what i am going thru, every bit of it. :'(

this explains everythang i am goin thru rite .

this love last the longest, hurts the most and have the deepest scars i know because i experience this

this love last the longest, hurts the most and have the deepest scars i know because i experience this

having someone you love breaks your heart he show you alove no one can give you and then decides to end his life the hard part is letting go but then you meet someone and dam it he dont love you cause all the sing are there the hurt the want of a love and wishing you could trun back to hand of time to keep the man that past way and being him back but nothing you can do either there dead and cant fix it like in my case or the man you marry act help less like he dont love you it hard you feel so alone and all you want is he love you want and u know what love is once you know love it to hard to stay with someone that you dont love cause they way they treat you

having someone you love breaks your heart he show you alove no one can give you and then decides to end his life the hard part is letting go but then you meet someone and dam it he dont love you cause all the sing are there the hurt the want of a love and wishing you could trun back to hand of time to keep the man that past way and being him back but nothing you can do either there dead and cant fix it like in my case or the man you marry act help less like he dont love you it hard you feel so alone and all you want is he love you want and u know what love is once you know love it to hard to stay with someone that you dont love cause they way they treat you

Hahahah depressed ***** :P

i am sick and tired of men kissing me and telling me no :-(

i like a guy n im 13 but ive asked him out but he said no im not his type wen he doesnt even talk 2 me how does he no im not his type every1 says we make a good couple but i wanna talk 2 him so he gets 2 no me n like me but he ignores me :(

I love matthew norwood i cant get him out of my mind and he loves someone else:(what should i tell him

I love matthew norwood i cant get him out of my mind and he loves someone else:(what should i tell him

This guy is always in my mind for almost 3 years now. May be this is what they call love.<br />
What makes it painful is the truth that this guy doesn't love me back in return. All these years I've been thinking that we have the same feelings but one day when were together in one place, I felt his coldness towards me. It really hurts because I'm expecting him to show me same actions like before that makes me think that he likes me too. It does really hurts... my heart seems crashes into small pieces.. <br />
<br />
Even though I knew now that he doesn't have feelings for me but still his face, his whole imaged continue hunting my mind. It's like being glued into my mind that cannot be detached. Ironically my heart seems enjoying those image but my mind trying to opposed and in the end heart roles.<br />
<br />
Honestly, I really missed the slight touched of his body when seated beside him even a short period of time. I really missed the heat of his armpit and the thunderous sound of his heart.

a brake up is like a mirror its better to leave it broaken than tring to hurt ur self tring to put it back to gether

a brake up is like a mirror its better to leave it broaken than tring to hurt ur self tring to put it back to gether

I have felt exactly the same way before.

WOW, I have done all that except the crying. Its not worth it. FANTASTIC poem!

yes this is very true, i am going through it right now i as i type! ):


right now i need some advice about loving a guy that doesnt love me back and i no im only 12 and ppl. say oh ur and idiot love doesnt exist for 12 yr. olds well i dont believe that ive loved this guy since the day i met him which was about 2 and a half years ago named Nathan Loyd and i love him but he coulld care less :(

i am tha same age but i love a different guy good luck with your guy

i can really relate to what you are saying---loving someone and they don't love you or care about your feelings is very heart breaking

Yes, that is a sad poem, but so true....


"the love that lasts longest is the one thats never returned"

[[[hugs]]] you need to grieve to get over this. <br />
Then - I'm done with men - done. And women - and human. <br />
I'm just done. If you don't get close to anyone then you don't get hurt.

i feel tha same way

i wish i was that strong to do that, ive tried