IT Sucks

I fell for a boy. He liked me too. Or so I thought. Everyone could see he liked me. Then we drifted apart and reconnected. I fell even harder. Don't have the courage to tell him. All my friends seem to think that he was into me just by the way we interacted and of course based on the revelations of our private conversations which were very flirty, but never really went anywhere. I guess I now understand why I fell for him so hard. I never thought someone as beautiful, athletic and nice would ever in a million years like me. So when it finally hit me that he liked me and then everyone else was agreeing with me it just set me into a tail spin. I guess him not contacting me for over 2 and half years kinda tells me he doesn't want me in his life. It's been only recently (as in this week) that I have been pining for him once again after over 2 years of thinking about him on and off. I hope I can finally close this chapter and stop obsessing over him.
kikeya kikeya
22-25, M
1 Response Jul 9, 2007

These things will eat at you until you do something about them. Hard to believe, but I do know what it's like. wether you love him or are confused by your friendship, something must be done. You'll regret it otherwise.