My Heart Is Broken Again

well this is along with the letter i wrote just on friday i think i'm in love again, well he does't love me back. I was sure things were going to be different this time, however it wasn't I was just wasting my time on nelson who told me on saterday night that he doesn't even want to be with me, man cried my eyes out, i love someone who doesn't love me back. how stupid am i to fall for someone who broke my heart really bad once before. what's the matter with me, I broke up with the father of my daughter to be with nelson how can he be heartless, and play me like that. oh well this will be the last time he hurts me that's for sure.
missgmcn missgmcn
31-35, F
1 Response Jul 9, 2007

I know how this feels ....see I have this "friendship" now with a man I am in love with ....this is so hard.I could never tell him all I feel for him because I know he doesn't feel this way back .<br />
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When he talks to someone else ,dates,I die inside all over again .........<br />
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I'm sure you deserve better ...and so do I ...but that doesn't make the hurt any easier does it ??<br />
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I can relate ....