Geeper ... Did It Happen Again !!

Oh Crispy WAFERS !!   I let it happen AGAIN !!   Why oh why do i constantly put myself through this hell ??  Did i do something wrong in a past life? Did i kill a bug that was destined for more ?? Did i step on the toes of the new king ???  I DON'T KNOW.... I tried... but someone else always comes along.... better, stronger, faster, WHATEVER !!  I loved and gave what i had.... still licking the wounds....  the wounds seem to take longer to heal the older you get

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8 Responses Jul 11, 2007

haha - I know I stood on a bug, squashed a few flys, stood on a frog ... all part of some great plan...all tragic accidents ... ACCIDENTS !! :)<br />
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But as the other saying goes " better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all " ;P<br />
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mmmmm Chocolate Crispy Wafers ....mmmm

Hehe, you got me a bit distracted with the crispy wafers because I got a bit hungry there... No but seriously, I know what you're saying and it sucks! <br />
Wow to you for putting yourself out there--me, I'm usually just waiting in the shadows for the other person to go first... What if all my crushes are waiting for *me* to say Hi first??<br />
And yes, sometimes I could just kick whoever came up with "Time heals all wounds" and "It's better to have loved and lost...". But then I feel better and it sort of makes sense.. What do you know...

Oh i like that .... that will stay in my mind until such a day .... thankyou :)

You shall learn to love again, great wounds once mortal now forgotten, and when you do love again, you shall swear that you have never loved like this before.

Oh, crispy wafers!!!!! >:[ (that's a super saying. next time I love someone who doesn't love me, I am definitely borrowing that phrase for a quick whirl :D).

Oh thanks ... LOL Isnt the other one like :- Time Wounds All Heals !! and the other :- If you love someone let them go if they come back ... Slap em in the head !! Or something like that ... heheheheheh

i suppose the good thing, if u'll allow me to mention such a thing ;> is that u know u are still capable of loving someone other than urself! :P<br />
"its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved". tho 4 me, that is strictly theoretical - i wouldnt know! =>

oh so very true indeed. put your chin up! I have learned that time heals those kind of wounds to your heart.