Oh Dear...

It's so annoying. It's been going on for what? 17 months now. Ever since I met the boy, ever since I laid eyes on him I knew that I liked him - a lot. And I've never been in love or anything before, but I knew whatever it was it was something. We did kiss that night, but nothing happened proper until 10 months later. And even though I still had a soft spot for him, it was him that made the moves. Then we were together for nearly a month. Then he dumps me. I was mortified. But now, 7 months on I still like him. I've had other people interested in me but I've pushed them away because of the fact that I still hope that one day things will change, even though I know they won't. But we were so good together. Everytime I see him the feelings I have are still there, and it hurts me even more that sometimes it seems like he is flirting with me. I really don't understand him. Some of my friends have told me to tell him my feelings, see if he has them back. But I know that he won't, and I can't take that sort of rejection, not again. It's terrible. Unrequitted love, the story of my life.
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It took me nearly a year to get over my ex, and it was a form of unrequitted love. In a way I am kinda grateful for the experience because I learned a lot and it did make me stronger. I spent or should I say wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what went wrong. He was the most confusing, complicated person i've ever met with my life. Blasting Kelly Clarkson music, lol.. helped me. Go listen to since you been gone by her, it's the best moving on song about unrequitted love, in my opinion. :) Good luck, i know this is a sucky situation to be in. Even though it may not seem like it now, you'll get through this.

I know exactly how you're feeling; it must be really tough for you now; the only real thing you can do is to try to move on. I was standing still for over a year before I managed to move on, and that year was the worst of my life. Try not to just sit and think of him, it sucks all the power from you; be more with your friends and be happy; eventually you'll feel better, and perhaps you'll meet someone knew :) Good luck! Stay strong!

I have a similar experience in this catagory .......it is so hard...I know how you feel .............