I'm Stupid, Just Like the Rest of Us.

I seem to have a problem with loving guys who barely even know I exist, much less actually love me back. I loved him for three years, and I'm not even sure I'm over him now. He barely even looked at me, but stupid me never gave up on him, until circumstances beyond my control made it so that I would very very rarely see him. I suppose it's good for me to be away but even now if I hear his name it makes me really sad and depressed. And I'm stupid to not give up on him.
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I tried really hard not to like him, but something just..oh well. I'm over it now, so I should be happy. But I'm not, because guys don't like me. Not a huge deal though.

ok i dont know why it bleeped most of my words there...but the asterisks represent the word L-U-S-T and the word A-S-S

well, sometimes it's what we can't have or know that it's best if we dont have, that draws us in. when looking for a partner, it is always lust that strikes the eye. whether he is a kick *** guitar pla<x>yer for the best rock and roll band, president of the club, coach at bible camp, or has a great set of abs...you lust after that initial thought of something that you really want. when you can't have it right away, you begin to imagine scenarios and ways of which you may possibly be able to obtain. my advice (and i know you probably dont care), is to re-evaluate what he has done for you. it's ok for him to be the guy in the back of your mind that gets you all tingly and hot...but in reality, why would you place yourself for the taking, to someone who wouldn't give you the time of day

Thanks you guys, I really appreciate your support, and will definitely think about what you said.

Yes, that sounds very true. Something more suitable may be on the horizon for you. I know where you are coming from...and it I am in the same situation but everyday it gets easier and maybe guys don't notice you because you don't notice them...<br />
take care Irish.

*peers at your avatar* Hmmm. I know the answer. Either you keep falling for BLIND men, GAY men or that less frequent combination of BLIND AND GAY men. No other theory explains why guys would not notice you, as you are indeed very pretty. Well, there is another theory, and that is that constantly wearing a Cloak of Invisibility is not helping your cause. :P On an unrelated note, as one of the Kings Of Unrequited Love, I have discovered that these Loves actually serve a purpose - they are trial runs of sorts to slowly paint a picture, in ever more refined detail of what it is you truly want out of love, and what a love that will work for you is. The fact that things are not working out at the moment is not a defeat, it is merely an indicator that either the timing is wrong, or *your* love is still growing, maturing and evolving. Just a thought. :)