It Wasn't Really Love At All

I was so eager to fall in love and had a true connection with him the first time we interacted. We had interests in common, mutual friends, similar commitments, similar ambitions and it just seemed to fit. He made me laugh; i was in awe of his intelligence; I thought this was going to really work. We got together after only a week or two of getting to know each-other because we both felt so strongly about our connection and the potential for this to work. But somehow I think that enthusiasm and confidence is what actually killed the relationship so early. Because we both secretly had such high expectations (based on initial interactions) we crumbled as a couple before we even got off the ground.
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2 Responses Jul 19, 2007

Relationships are 90% imagination and 10% Dissapointment ... or something like that ...... um ..... so i was told ..... : )

What you wrote really struck me. I'm wondering whether I am going through the same thing myself. In this woman, I thought I found a soul-mate, someone who I could finally connect with. We'd even talk about this amazing connection, including the same birthday, incessantly. For a while there, it seemed to me at least that I was blessed to have been able to meet her, in spite of the complications of our circumstances. <br />
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But lately, she has treated me horribly and I feel so discarded. My illusions of being "special" to her are shattered and I'm wondering whether in fact it was at all that I experienced or what you wrote about falling victim to our own expectations.<br />
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Maybe you are right: it is the latter. And this entire encounter was really more about me than it was about her or us.