Not Really Sure Anymore..

So I met this guy a while back on myspace. We had been talking because we had mutual friends. Well then we started to get to know each other better. He said he wanted to meet so we met and then a week later he took me out on a date. The date was so sweet. He asked me to be his girlfriend under the sunset. I said yes and everything was going so wonderful. We hit it off pretty well. I mean we were so good together. We argued and stuff like every other couple but we would always apologize sooner than most. But all in all the relationship was going wonderful.Then all of a sudden he started acting differently than usual. We argued more because of it and the arguements were worse this time. So then after falling in love with this guy, after he supposedly fell in love with me and after he told me he wanted to spend the rest of  his life with me, he broke up with me. Told me that he fell out of love with me. Then he said he wasn't ready to settle down and that all he wanted to do was date. Because in dating you can date as many girls as you like and you don't have an obligation to anyone but yourself. He told me that when he was done dating around and if his feelings that he lost for me came back then we could be in a relationship again.But I don't want to wait on him. I want to move on with my life. Yes I would spend the rest of my life with this guy. I was head over heels in love with him and I still am. But I just want to fall out of love with him because I am in love with a guy that doesn't love me back and I honestly don't think he ever did.

But what makes it worse is we have been broken up for a week and 2 days. He went to a concert with me yesterday because he was the only one I wanted to go with and we have had it planned for a while.But he considered it a date with me and was kissing on me and junk like that. I mean I don't mind because I do want him back so badly and I do love him. But him doing that only made it harder for me to let go sooner.

Ergghh..Relationships are hard work.

But no matter how many times my heart has been broken and no matter how hard life gets, I always try to keep a positive outlook on Life.


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2 Responses Jul 19, 2007

I agree with the above comment. Don't put up with that. Does he honestly expect you to wait around? It's not fair to you. I know moving on is difficult. I would distance yourself from him for awhile, if he ask you out for a date, as hard as is might be say no.

You sound like you have a very good understanding of the situation, not to mention a wonderful outlook on life. I am sure that with that background, mutual love will find you one day. :) That said, I would not put up with this guy behaving like he does, at all. He can not have his cake and eat it, not when your feelings are so deep for him. It is not decent, nor mature of him. And it is hurtful for you; I think you deserve better for yourself and your feelings. If he wants to date you, he has to make it exclusive, because he knows about how you feel, I think. You are not just like any other date he might have, after all, and you can not be his ego stroking post - it will turn him into a bad, facile and weak man.