Unrequited Love

I care very much for another woman who recently moved to another part of the UK.The thing is...I'm married and so is she,so its basically a non-starter and even more so now she's gone.She's on messenger from time to time but I get the feeling she's moved on...even if I ever really did mean anything to her.It hurts like hell...not to mention the guilt I feel cos I'm married and love my wife dearly.But you can love two people at once can't you?I doubt I'll ever see this woman again....and talking on messenger makes it worse,but I still hang on every word she says??How crazy is that?
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Thank you for your advice Winston,I know what you're saying is the right thing to do...and yes just typing on messenger is bad enough.She actually phoned about 5 days after she moved,of course when I answered the phone I was like an expectant puppy waiting for a pat from its master :-( Pathetic I know.I'm so sorry you are going through this too...and worse for you that you have to see her still.Feel free to tell me all about it,I like to think I'm a good listener.I hope you find someone else soon who will return your feelings and help you to heal.<br />
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Take care now....

Welcome to the club, chap!<br />
I would advise you to stop talking with her on messenger. See it this way: you are lucky because at least she's far away and it can really make it easier to think of her less. <br />
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In many other cases people are forced to see the subject of their (unrequited of course) love on regular basis, like me. And believe me it is a slow torture.