The Ballad of the Librarian

Well this is where i share my story, i suppose?

Yeah. Um. Well we've been friends since we were children. It's always just been me and him. We were gonna take over the world. A couple of years ago I think it was, i started to fall in love with him. And I can't believe he hasn't noticed, I mean, my heart practically leaps out of my eyes every time i see him. He just...hasn't noticed. And it would be so easy just to slip and tell him, i almost have a couple of times. i'm supposed to be brave, leo, yeah. He's going to go away soon, and, and if i don't tell him- I have to tell him.

i just don't want him to hate me.

Freddie Freddie
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 24, 2007

He doesn't necessarily feel the same. I told one woman I really liked her and now I wish I hadn't done that. Maybe you should try to ask him first what he feels about you?