Heels Over Head.

Have you ever look a picture of yourself, and see a stranger in the background? It makes you wonder how many strangers have pictures of you. How many moments of other peoples life have we been in? Were we a part of someone's life when their dream came true or were we there when their dream died? Did we keep trying to get in? As if we were somehow destined to be there or did the shot take us by surprise? Just think, you could be a big part of someone elses life, and not even know it.


Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically to those who hardly think about us in return?

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1 Response Jan 6, 2009

It's true.<br />
<br />
I stopped doing so when I was betrayed by my "best friend", treated lika a dog, like a servant.<br />
<br />
But think that you, from time to time stumble over souls, that give you the best for just beeing you.