Mother In Law Makes No Effort.

My mother in law has made no effort in getting to know me. My husbad and I dated two years before getting married. Throughout the two years my parents and family made every effort to better undertand who was this person I was dating...they ask him engaging questions, and ask about his likes and dislikes. My dad even works out of state, and he made an effort to get to know Matt.

His mother and father divorced when he was young (because she is a crazy witch). My father in law and step mom in law are wonderful people who made an effort to know me and they are fantastic. His mom never asks me questions about myself...she knows nothing about me. She dosn't even say hello when I walk into her home...hubby and I can't figure out why, but he knows his mom is weird.

We did pre-marital counseling and had to give a survey to our parents and future in-laws. One of the questions was "why do you think I am a good match for your son"? She replied on the survey: "I don't know you well enough to answe this question". She should be embarassed. I am marrying your son, and you have no clue who I am. I could be a crack addict and have a rap sheet that reads like Lindsay Lohan's...but she could care less. (For the record I do not). She just dosn't care about me. I try to make an is never returned.

I even took her to dinner one night...just her and I. She talked about herself the whole time. It was very uncomfortable and awkward. but at least I made the effort. She cares nothing for me, and nothing about me.

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1 Response Jul 27, 2007

My inlaws do the same thing to me whenever I walk into their house. When my husband mentioned it to them they said that I was the one being rude because I didn't say hi to them first. I'm sorry if I have manners and am well aware of the fact that when I walk into YOUR house, YOU the host should say hi to ME the guest. Screw her!