My Best Friend

he is my best friend.  He is now dating someone and i have never been so jealous in my life.  I don't know the girl.  i don't know anything about her.  i never thought that i could be so jealous.  we have been best friends for over 6 years.  everytime i date some one he comes around and says that we should date. but when i'm single he is not interested.  now he is dating someone and i'm going freakin crazy!  i don't understand what is wrong with us.  i just found this out today and i have been really upset and of course tonight on tv is "my best friends wedding"  i feel like i am living in this movie minus the actual wedding part.  and now i'm crying more than i have in years.  the god of timing is definitely not on my side.  i can't make myself give up on him and i even though my brain is telling me that it will never happen.
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I know the feeling and I might as well confess well I'm commenting. I'll try to make this as brief as I can. I met this guy through my brother and his friend when I was 16. It wasn't until I was 21 when my crush kicked in. He seemed like the sweetest guy in the world and I was thrilled when he and his girlfriend of 2 years broke up. He told me a lot of sweet things and we had long conversations daily. He became one of my best friends. Finally we slept together and we were a couple for 3 months until one day in a conversation he blurted out that I was not his girlfriend. All the cooking, back massages, pampering, and driving I've done for him thinking he was my man and for him to tell me that in a way that left me feeling stupid. We continued to sleep together on and off for almost 2 years. We'd have blow outs because he kept telling me how special I am and how much I mean to him, yet he wouldn't consider me his girlfriend. I started feeling very insecure but couldn't seem to move on. One day I met a guy he knew and we just clicked as friends. He sent me an email telling me how much he likes me and wants to be with me and that I need to get over the other guy because he has been playing me all along. He brought up a few girls that the guy slept with (one he got pregnant, but I think the girl had a miscarriage). Another was a girl he always went to the club with and another I never heard of. I told the guy that although this guy leaves me feeling like sh** they are friends so I couldn't take it there. He insisted that they aren't friends and just went to the club once cause he was hanging with their mutual friend. Long story short I did end up sleeping with him twice in the same week. I felt bad and ended it immediately. My ex "friends with benefits" kept bringing that up. He said that I shouldn't be upset with him for anything that he has done because at least he never has and never would sleep with anyone I know. Anyway, after he got over that we started sleeping together again but not as often. Eventually I ended the sex and didn't sleep with anyone else for a year. He would still call me and talk as though we are friends, but when he'd go off about how women suck it would just frustrate me and leave me insecure again. I keep thinking about how good I was to him but he claimed he didn't want a girlfriend, so I couldn't and still cannot understand why he even cares about the quality of women if he isn't looking for a girlfriend. Anyway long story short I told him off for the last time and now I'm dating other people. He's still friends with my brother and continues to bring up me messing with that guy he knew towards the end of our saga. Oh well, I don't care about him anymore, however my experience with him lead to my chain of wreckless mistakes. I hope you can move on without forgetting who you are.

I am right there with you. I dated this guy for three yrs and we have been best friends for 3 for a total of 6 years together and now he is dating another girl for 2 months and I hardly ever see him or talk to him anymore. It is tearing me up inside. I met her today for the first time and I can't help it but hate her for taking him away from me. That makes me feel guilty also cause she seems nice...<br />
I completely understand how you feel though...even though we broke up I am in love with him and it is ruining my life!

Naw, sweetie. That must be incredibly tough for you. I used to be madly in love with one of my friends too, and I was really depressed for almost a year, it was horrible... I'd suggest that you talk to him; tell him your feelings. That was what I never did, and I come to regret that... By telling him, you two can figure some way out; hopefully he has feelings for you too (but might be afraid to reveal them).<br />
Keep in mind that you still have most of your life to live, and don't grieve too much. [you have no idea how much I did cry too...]<br />
Good luck! :D