I Love My Wife But She Does Not Love Me

OK. Here's the deal. i have been married to my wife for 10 years. We have kids. She is no longer interested in me sexually. No affection at all. It is always me initiating a little thing like a hug or a kiss. To say she is frigid is an understatement. Although it would kill me initially because I would miss the hell out of my kids, I am thinking of leaving her. I would rather be alone than deal with this every day rejection.
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There really is no right solution to these kind of situations. Trying to figure out what and why another person acts the way they do is one of the most draining emotional experiences I have ever lived. I too love my wife, I find her sexy, confident, and a great mother. Her downfall is she is extreemly sensative, and holds a grudge for mistakes I make. One of our biggest problems is I have an incredible sex drive. I find sex with her amazing. After almost 9 years it's still like new. She on the other hand has become obsessed with being a mother and has little energy for all my needs. I really try to be understanding.......i do understand what being a stay at home mom can do to a women, but I still very lonely. There is not easy solution to your feelings.......go with you gut, but whatever you do.......do something. Sometimes you need to be selfish enough to do what is right for you.

Listen, she is just comfortable in the fact that you're gonna be there. You need to show her that you have a life besides her and the kids so she can appreciate you more. Even if you have to go to dinner and the movies by yourself, do it. Get a haircut, throw on a nice outfit, some cologne and go somewhere, and don't stress her for sex for a while, always act happy around her and the kids. She'll start wondering if someone else is showing you the affection that you've been asking her for and she'll have to do something to keep you interested, if she doesn't care what you do, than it's not worth staying with her because the situation will only get worse, is this how you want to live your life?

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I think it would be a shame to end a 10 year marriage before you have really battled for it. Have you spoke to your wife about why she is like this. Although sex is a massive part of a relationship it is not as important as love, trust , loyalty and honesty. Those are the reasons to stay and work this out. Don't fall at the first hurdle. Remember your vows and be strong enough to stick by them. I think she needs your understanding more than you realise. Good luck

Hello there, nice to meet you. Have you tried asking her why shes so cold and unresponsive towards you. On the other hand, from personal experience there is normally a perfectly logical explanation for this behavior, is she depressed, tired, or anything about your behavior that upsets her or makes her feel insecure? just because her insecurities are not visibly obvious that does not mean they are not there emotionally. I hope my reply is of any help to you, I hope things get better for you, for yours and your families happiness. Lisa.x.