Won't Let It Happen Again

I'm a very loving passionate person. He told me he loved me, spent day and night with me, got my name tattooed on his arm, even smacked me up a little over nonsense jealousy crap, I thought it was love, but than he dropped me all of a sudden and I felt so devastated, after being with him everynight, how could he not care to even call, knowing I was all alone in my apartment, in my bed, I cried so much, felt like dying. I was so loyal to him(up to this point)I would've never violated him, ever, I loved him so much, but he changed so much with me, treated me real ******, laughed when I cried. I've been told I'm beautiful, get many guys, why did I take this bullshit for so long? He could've told me he needed space or didn't want to see me anymore, it's the lack of an explanation, lack of consideration for my feelings that hurt, after all I did for him. It's ok if you don't love me, but why so much anger and nastiness towards me simply because I loved you. I'm sorry if I offend any good guy out there, but I honestly think you are all the same. By the way, he came back around and  I ended up cheating on him- It was awesome.

BKHoneyBunz BKHoneyBunz
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2007

there are some good ones out there somewhere ... where they are i have no idea ... but ya know what you overcame it you should give yourself a huge pat on the back for that !!!!!!!!

Haha, you go girl.

Haha..that's a funny ending to a sad story. We're not all the same though!!